Here’s something which made my blood boil:

Geert Wilders had been scheduled to speak at today’s #FreeTommy rally in London. However, the British government refused to allow his bodyguards to carry guns while in the UK, and the Metropolitan Police declined to provide him with a protection detail, so he was unable to attend.

So because a man has unpopular (albeit correct) views on Diversiteh, he needs armed bodyguards to protect him from radical Islamist assholes.  So the BritGov cites their law against anyone carrying a gun who isn’t a cop (thus stripping Wilders of his protection), and then “declines” to give him any substitute police protection so he can’t visit the country (which was their intention all along, only they didn’t have the guts to ban him outright).

I hereby give the cowardly Brit Gummint a Golden Fuckweasel Award.

Making America Great Again

According to the conventional “wisdom” among the Leftists, God-Emperor Trump is a flashy  simpleton who’s thrashing around without a clue, pissing off our allies and screwing up the country etc. etc. etc.

I’ll go with the “flashy” because well, that’s kinda undeniable — but that’s just Trump’s style.  What he’s doing, however, is far more profound than most people realize.  We all know his signal domestic achievements — conservative Supreme Court judges, tax cuts, nuking all the tiresome regulations which Democrat-controlled government apparatchiks have been inflicting on both businesses and individuals:  all this and more, as well as driving the Left to frothing rage with his importunate and (to me) funny tweets, as he sets about radically changing the country’s zeitgeist from hapless Bush-era globalism and malevolent Obama-era neo-socialism into… greatness.

That’s all well and good;  but what about foreign policy?  This has always been a Republican strongpoint (Nixon, Reagan etc.) and a Democrat disaster area (Carter, Clinton, Obama ’nuff said).

Trump is proving to be a past master at the Great Game, all the more impressively so because he has no foreign policy experience.  I could go on and explain it, but Sundance has beaten me to the punch.  Go there now and read it all, because it will explain Trump’s actions and strategy better than I could ever do.

Back?  Good.  Now here’s what I think.

I think that Trump’s actions are quite definitely not off-the-cuff, spur-of-the-moment improvising.  Yes, his technique may be so — he’s definitely a ready-fire-aim kind of guy — but behind that, I’m pretty sure that he has a very comprehensive plan, and that plan has come from several years of thinking about the U.S. and its relationship with the rest of the world, and what he would do to change it back into our favor.  In other words, Trump has been wargaming this situation and his plan over and over and over again, and now that he’s POTUS, he’s putting it into practice.

I hesitate even to say this;  but if I’m right, Donald Trump may turn out to be one of the most consequential Presidents this country has ever had.  He is so far removed from the stupid, incompetent and venal Barack Obama that it beggars any attempt to quantify it.

All we have to do, we citizens of the United States, is to ignore the howling from the Left and give him the tools to finish the job.  That means voting into office a Congress which will support him — oftentimes despite themselves — and, of course, reelecting him when the time comes.

We can worry about 2024 later, but it will involve putting someone into power who will have not only the knowledge but the sheer balls to continue Trump’s plan.  If we can do that, there will be no stopping us;  and we will make the 21st century an American one, just as we did its predecessor.

What He Said

Saith Robert Hardman in the Daily Mail:

Perhaps I just wasn’t paying attention but I am pretty sure that this lot were not here three months ago. On that occasion, London was hosting not just one ‘bigot’ but dozens. In fact, all told, the 2018 Commonwealth summit honoured no less than 37 world leaders who choose to criminalise homosexuality in their countries.
I certainly remember them all getting a full state welcome and dinner at Buckingham Palace. The funny thing is, I just can’t recall the protests. Nor did I see the placards a month earlier when a leader who bans women from voting in general elections – and only let them drive cars this year – was a guest of honour in the City of London.
Aside from a handful of protestors outside Downing Street, there was no street march against Crown Prince Mohammed of Saudi Arabia.
Maybe everyone was washing their hair that day.
Yesterday, however, thousands did manage to find the time to hit the streets to hurl various forms of abuse – some of it cogent, much of it unprintable and lot of it simply adolescent – at our most important ally.
I imagine most women, most gays and most members of any ethnic minority would much prefer to live in Donald Trump’s USA than most nations on earth. Yesterday, however, he was cast as the pantomime enemy of almost every cause on the political spectrum from centre-Left grievances all the way out to the communists (who certainly deserved the award for the most elaborate banner yesterday – a magnificent old-fashioned specimen beautifully embroidered with Lenin and Marx).
Whatever your issue – Brexit, climate change, feminism, Palestine, capitalism, gay and transgender rights – Donald Trump was the problem and guilty as charged. So roll up, folks, and signal your virtues.

And they did:

Mind you, expecting any kind of consistency from the Left is like expecting lions to go vegan:  it’s just not in their nature.

And of course, he’ll never get the Screaming Freak vote:

I have a serious question:  can you imagine belonging to a “movement” which includes people like this as members?  What could possibly possess people to act this way?

I guess it’s because Trump!  And that excuses anything.

Fucking morons.  All of them.  Including the people who are encouraging this crap, e.g.  Maxine (Red Maxi) Waters and Bernie (Scum) Sanders.  These fuckups couldn’t “resist” a ripple in a pond.

Not Wise

With all due respect to the God-Emperor, I would suggest that giving a million bucks to the Communist Party of the USA is a Bad Idea.  A better idea would be to offer to give the money to the Indian tribe with which her DNA is affiliated.

Incomprehensible Fuss

So one of Wal-Mart’s satellite suppliers was selling “Impeach 45” (i.e. the 45th POTUS, Donald Trump) merchandise, but after some people started squealing, the Big W ordered the stuff pulled.

I have to say that I’m a little nonplussed by the fuss.  Frankly, I remember when a lot more “objectionable” stuff was sold — and still is, e.g. Che Guevara T-shirts — and the world got on just fine.  Even the satirical riffs on the revolting Obama’s “Hope” / “Dream”  logo could have been construed as objectionable, at least to liberals, Commies and Democrats [massive overlap] , but I don’t remember howls of outrage coming from them — and they are quite easily the most-easily-triggered population group ever (see MAGA caps, reaction to).

And I’ll probably get the “But it’s Wal-Mart that’s selling it!”, as though the stereotypical American retailer (with 90% of its inventory carrying a Made-in-China label) should somehow be above such objectionable merchandise.  (I note that the Emperor Misha’s excellent dictum — “Rope.  Tree.  Journalist.  Some Assembly Required.” —  was also pulled from being sold on a T-shirt, as though journalists should not be strung up weekly from lampposts, as commonsense would suggest.  Sheesh.)

But with all the shit that the Left is causing these days, a stupid call for impeachment (which ain’t gonna happen, no matter how many Impeach 45 T-shirts they sell) is small potatoes.  Far more problematic is [list of 2,000 Lefty-loony actions omitted, for space reasons] .

Let’s face it:  we as a nation have a long and proud tradition of using T-shirts, pamphlets and bumper stickers to get under the other guy’s skin and up his nose.  And I’m enough of a capitalist to believe that as long as there’s a market, people should be able to make a buck from it, regardless of offense taken.

Here’s my suggestion for a T-shirt logo which broadens Misha’s thought somewhat:

Think I could get Target to carry it?

Oh, Great

Apparently Mexico has elected a Commie rat bastard [some redundancy]  to be their next El Presidente.  How nice.  As if we don’t have enough of them ourselves in Congress, California, New York, Austin, Berkeley etc., now we’re going to be dealing with imports as well?

Needless to say, other Commies from all over are racing to offer their congratulations to Comrade Obrador.  (I love the fact that BritCommie Jeremy “Shitbreath” Corbyn has hailed Obrador’s election as a “new beginning” for Mexico.  Given Communism’s track record, it would be more accurate to call it the “beginning of the end” for Mexico.)

Oh well.  Now we really need to build a wall (e.g. as it was in Cold War Germany, with machine-gun towers and minefields) to keep the desperate Commies from flooding over the Rio Grande in even greater numbers (see:  Venezuelan refugees streaming into Colombia and Brazil).  If you thought the illegal Mexican border-jumpers were desperate before, just wait till Obrador’s policies force Mexico even deeper into the shit than they are already.

I also love the fact that the dear comrade’s campaign was positioned as “anti-corruption”, when we all know that under every Communist regime ever installed, all the guys at the top get massively rich from… corruption.  Mexico will be no different.

If this wasn’t happening so close to our borders, I’d just order up (and eat) a megaton of popcorn while watching the place implode.  But ugh… the Mex/U.S. border is only a few hundred miles south of where I’m sitting, and this is not going to end well.

Maybe a moat, as well as machine gun towers and minefields…?  How say you, O My Readers?