Breaking Point?

Heather Mac Donald, as usual, does the best analysis of the current situation in our cities:

Savagery is spreading with lightning speed across the United States, with murderous assaults on police officers and civilians and the ecstatic annihilation of businesses and symbols of the state. Welcome to a real civilization-destroying pandemic, one that makes the recent saccharine exhortations to “stay safe” and the deployment of police officers to enforce outdoor mask-wearing seem like decadent bagatelles.


This pandemic of civil violence is more widespread than anything seen during the Black Lives Matter movement of the Obama years, and it will likely have an even deadlier toll on law enforcement officers than the targeted assassinations we saw from 2014 onward. It’s worse this time because the country has absorbed another five years of academically inspired racial victimology. From Ta-Nehisi Coates to the New York Times’s 1619 project, the constant narrative about America’s endemic white supremacy and its deliberate destruction of the “black body” has been thoroughly injected into the political bloodstream.

Once the violence began, any effort to “understand” it should have stopped, since that understanding is inevitably exculpatory. The looters are not grieving over the stomach-churning arrest and death of George Floyd; they are having the time of their lives. You don’t protest or mourn a victim by stealing oxycontin, electronics, jewelry, and sneakers.

So, given that the government is proving itself to be a bunch of craven cowards who are unwilling to keep the peace and enforce the law, will we see more of this?  (First pic via Reader Ignore Amos and the second from Reader Old Texan.)

And so far — so far — nobody’s dropped the hammer (at least, not on our side).  At some point, however, this may change.

The only problem is that this is precisely what these pricks want:  martyrs to the Cause.  So by throwing down on these anarchists, Marxists and looters, we’d be playing into their hands.

At some point however, and I suspect we may be fast approaching that point, nobody’s going to care about that.  And then:

Then, martyrs will not be a problem.  They’ll have plenty.  In the meantime, however:


It may be time to start getting serious around here…


Generally speaking, not many state governors are that well known outside their own borders, for obvious reasons.  But the Chinkvirus mania has made some of them nationally (if not internationally) prominent — albeit for the wrong reasons.  The most famous, after NY’s Vito Corleone Cuomo and CA’s Vladimir Gavin Lenin Newsom, has been Michigan’s Irma Grese Gretchen Witless Witmer, the latter not being helped by the fact that she actually does look like a concentration camp guard.

Another rising star among the infamous is Portlandia Oregon governor Kate Brown, who while not as evil-looking as Witmer, still has that basilisk-apparatchik appearance first made famous by Hillary Bitch Clinton:

Why do all Marxist women end up looking like cheap copies of Rosa Luxemburg?  Even (to switch countries for a moment) New Zealand’s Prime Lesbian Minister Jacinda Ardern is, in addition to being a gun-controller, quite ghastly:

(What amazed me about the above is that with a name like Jacinda Ardern, I originally thought she was Black.  My bad.)

The only thing which can mitigate the appearance of these Marxist harpies is that occasionally they can have redeeming physical characteristics which can take one’s gaze from their face.  Case in point:  Gretchen Whitmer:

Even the Senior Troll Speaker of the House, ol’ Red Nancy herself, is similarly constructed (seen here with another gun controller):

Nevertheless, it can safely be said that no matter how attractive the superstructure of these Commies, nothing — and I mean nothing — should distract us from the utter foulness of their totalitarian philosophy.  I’m not saying, of course, that they should end up like their figurehead Rosa Luxemburg — shot dead and their bodies tossed into a canal — but the sooner they and their political leanings are discredited, marginalized and forgotten, the better for all of us.

Afterthought:  my apologies for all the strikeouts above.  Clearly, I need more coffee.

New Regs

In talking about yet another example of California foolishness, this statement caught my eye:

The rebuilt economy taking shape is based on freelancers working from home. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey just said his employees could work from home “forever.”

I expect that California, New York and the rest of the Usual Suspects will soon pass regulations that specify that “home offices” will need a special state inspection certificate, require that home offices must have x, y and z facilities, need to show proof of regular cleaning and maintenance… you get the idea.  All, of course, to harass people who just want to earn a living, and work in a manner which suits them.  Why would the government do this, you may ask?

Because they can.

You heard it here first.

The Real Redress

So Gen. Michael Flynn has had the nonsensical case against him dropped because the lying cocksuckers at the FBI tried to frame and railroad him with a bullshit charge, and the new heads at the DOJ decided to give up a lost cause.  (Side note:  it’s now time to remove the criminality of lying to a federal agent, or else extend the same criminality and punishments to the federal agent lying to you.)

The problem is that an innocent man has been bankrupted trying to defend himself against this blatant banana-republic connivance, and still stands under a cloud for no good reason, and the question remains:  how do we compensate Flynn for the harm to his reputation and for his financial harm?  There could be a lawsuit filed, but we all know that’s utter bullshit, he’ll get (if anything) pennies to the dollar and his lawyers will go away rich.  Trump’s muttering about a heavy price, but color me dubious.

Nor, I think, will James Comey, Strzok and their little band of merry men suffer any real distress for their own lawlessness — and if you think they will, I have a cute little bridge in Manhattan to sell you.  Actually, I’d rather sell you this.

I think POTUS should appoint Michael Flynn as head of the FBI, effective immediately.  And I want POTUS to tell Congress to appropriate a “director’s signing bonus” for Flynn equal to the amount he lost while struggling to defend himself against these sniveling assholes.

And Flynn should get a real fire-breathing set of deputies and assistants extending down the top four layers of FBI management across all their divisions, so that they can start a serious and thorough investigation into not just what happened to Flynn, but to everyone subjected to the same treatment over the past… say, twelve years.

Some good things would come of this.

For one thing, there will be mass resignations at the FBI as the rats will scatter to save their own skins, which is a good thing.  The fewer of these vermin in the once-proud agency, the better.

The next good thing is that the investigations I’ve suggested will pretty much paralyze the FBI for a good couple years, tying them up with endless paperwork and such, with all sorts of people looking over their shoulders, second-guessing themselves and generally being too frightened to go to the can without three levels of authorization.  The busier they are with this, the less time they’d have to perpetrate similar mischief on others.

The third thing, and the best of the lot, is an old-fashioned word:  revenge.  I want Flynn to flay these assholes from stem to stern, laying about him with vim and vigor, fucking up their lives as much as they fucked with his — just because he can.

And POTUS should announce that as a matter of policy, Flynn’s enemies shouldn’t bother filing lawsuits against his actions because he’ll just issue pardon after pardon, basically as redress for Flynn’s hardships suffered these past three or so years.

I’m looking for some Old Testament-style retribution here, because reasons.

Feel free to argue with me, but I have to tell you, you’d better be good because I’m in a particularly vengeful mood at the moment.  However, if you have ideas to make things even  worse for these FBI pricks, legally speaking, I’m all ears.

Asking The Other Side

Over at Instapundit, Gail Heriot has posted a decent summary of the England-Scotland alliance.  But then there’s this:

In 1979, an effort to establish (or re-establish) a separate Scottish legislature via referendum failed. It did so, however, only because the Act authorizing the referendum required that at least 40% of the entire Scottish electorate vote in favor. While the referendum got more yes than no votes, turnout was poor. In 1997, another such referendum was held. This time it passed, a Scottish Parliament was established, and the process of “devolution” was begun.
In 2014, when an independence referendum was held, it came a lot closer to passing than union supporters would have preferred. Ultimately, Scottish voters went 55.3% to 44.7% in favor of sticking it out with England.

What interests me, and many others, is the fact that only the Scots  voted on whether to leave or stay in the Union, which begs the question:  why did not all  interested parties — including the English and Welsh — vote on separation?

Had the population living south of the River Tweed voted, you bet there’s have been considerable support behind a “Toss the Jocks” movement — Mr Free Market and The Englishman claim that at least two-thirds of English voters would support expelling the porridge-monkeys in a heartbeat, had they been allowed to do so.

Such ravings should be taken with a grain of salt — especially when expressions like “Can we then finish what we started at Culloden?” and “Rebuild Hadrian’s Wall” are thrown into the mix.  Nevertheless, we Murkins should not underestimate the depth of enmity that still exists between the Picts and the Angles even after all this time.  It’s most openly expressed by the Scots, such as when supporting anyone playing England in sporting competitions, but the anti-Jock sentiments in England, while less overt, still run pretty deep.

We can talk about the Welsh and Irish situations on another occasion;  but in the meantime, think of the situation as a (very) civilized Balkans, and you’ll get the idea.

Open Appeal

Several years ago, back when the term “disposable income” meant actual money instead of just a fond dream, I donated some money to a far-off congressman’s reelection campaign fund.


Now I’m still on the Republican National Committee’s sucker donor list, and not a day goes past when I don’t get some plea for money to help some or other hapless Republican congressman, and even to donate to billionaire Donald Trump’s 2020 reelection fund.  Here’s my appeal to the RNC:

For fuck’s sake, can you bastards quit begging for money?  Considering that I and probably millions of other Americans haven’t been able to work for nearly two months and have had zero income since then, it is the height of stupidity [ergo, the Stupid Party] to ask us to donate towards an election which isn’t due for over six months.
Frankly, when it’s hard to think how we’re going to be able to pay the rent or mortgage, car loans and utilities, health insurance and even groceries, what the fuck makes you think that we would be able to give you  money?  Even worse, we all know that after the election is over, the elected  politician is just going to pocket the unspent cash from the campaign fund, one way or the other, while we’ll still be mired in debt.

Kindly piss off and leave us alone, at least until we can get back to work.

Yours very sincerely,