No Slam Dunk

As Mollie Hemingway says:

“The worst part of the Trump presidency was the hate-drenched media spewing chaos and conspiracy theories. The best part was everything else.”

Sent to me by Reader Old Texan:

At any other time, in any other place, with any other Republican candidate, charts like this would mean a 48-2 state result in the Presidential election.

This year…?


  1. The fact that Biden was run and elected in 2020 despite having to withdraw from presidential races due to his plagiarism, lies, dishonesty, blatant racism, horrid forty year career as a nasty politician shows that the left has completely become unhinged and inconsistent when applying standards of character and ability.

    1. Key to his election was massive election fraud. That’s still the elephant in the room.

  2. Now add “Housing” to round out the list of The Husk’s America…which is heeled-over and taking on water over the rail while The Handlers steer her so far off course it’ll take Trump at least 6 months (instead of three) to get her back on course while simultaneously running the bilge to rid We The People of the sewer water and rats.

  3. By suppertime on 20 Jan Trumps “signing hand” will be cramped up so bad from signing hundreds of EO’s he’ll have to do a power of attorney for other people to take over the signing.

    Thing is, he needs to have a “plan” for the first day in, going forward, and stick to it no matter what. And have back up contingencies for the “cowards & criminals” he will encounter.

    Now that Trump has learned how to use the court system as a weapon through direct experience he can us that fact to his advantage.

    Plow forward at light speed and overload the court system. In the meantime the “cowards and criminals” will be frantically grasping for the Exit sign.

    1. I believe they use an autosigner or machine of some sort to sign lots of stuff nowadays. I think they might sign a blanket document authorizing the use of the machine for signing several bills or EOs at once or the president will actually sign a document when they have some sort of ceremony.

  4. The Media and Washinton live in a different movie, where those number don’t exist. They continue to insist that we are the one’s living in the alternate reality. ” The economy is strong. Why are you lying about it? Inflation is down. Jobs are up.” They believe their own propaganda.
    The cheating will be vast, so big this time, no one will believe there were 400 million votes cast.

    …… Then the shooting starts……

  5. I hope Trump gets back into office and goes scorched earth on the commies.

    The problem is that the commies are very good at playing the long game and Republicans are dreadful at playing catch up. the Commies have stacked the courts for years, they infiltrated the entire education system and have corrupted the minds of students. Now these indoctrinated students have worked their way into positions of authority in business and government with an attitude of disdain for free market enterprise and limited government.

    The problem is that almost half of the electorate is too stupid to see that Biden’s policies actively work against American strength, security, safety and prosperity. They’ve been indoctrinated to be embarrassed by American exceptionalism and too many work to destroy it.

  6. Trump’s campaign should publish a list of EO’s and other items which he intends to do on the after the Inauguration. A list of pardons to be issued would be a good place to start. Milei has shown the way on employee handling. Although many cannot be fired as such, there is nothing to prevent the shutdown of entire departments, as Milei has shown. Education, HUD…. etc.
    Sean Gabb ( discussed how it might be done in the UK in his book
    Radical Coup: A Case for Reaction , which is available under the ‘Free Books’ tab.
    In particular he proposed that the best way to smash the back of the beast was to *do it all at once*. See pages 70 et seq. You do not shut down one quango per week: all the others will scream about the unfairness of it. Shut them ALL down at the same time. The volume of screams will be no greater. Then purge all the databases and shred the records of the now-closed departments so that they cannot be resurrected quickly if at all.
    For those departments which cannot be closed, and for those ‘simple serpents’ who cannot be fired, move them some where else. Agriculture to Kansas would be good (not Iowa). IRS main headquarters to Minot or Fargo, or maybe Memphis. EPA to be spread out: anything to do with mining, to Winnemucca Nevada, anything to do with air quality to Fairbanks Alaska where the air is clear (and cold). And send 1000 EPA adherents out to re-create a 1000 weather stations which have been closed over the last 40 years. Make each employee responsible for his *own* station.
    Promise to publish an EO which determines that CO2 is NOT a pollutant and is not covered by the Clean Air Act.
    Promise to establish by EO that the use of Section 702 *requires* a warrant.
    Promise to lobby Congress to establish that as law.
    Promise to require by EO that the FBI must record all conversations and questioning and that DoJ cannot use FBI notes as evidence.
    Promise to remove the security clearances of all employees upon their retirement or firing.

    Yes, I do dream in colour.

    1. Yes! It means he would be the first candidate since Polk, IIRC,
      to campaign on the basis of specific plans rather than vague generalities and “read my lips” promises that anyone capable of 4th grade arithmetic and reading the Constitution should know are impossible. This will break the brains of the news media, Democratic leaders and operatives, and other leftists, and I think it will gain the votes of more live Americans of sound mind than the Democrats have figured out how to steal without getting caught. (But we’re going to have to see to it that getting caught has consequences this time, including rejecting those votes, and even the legitimate votes that the election “fortifiers” mixed with the illegitimate ones so they can’t be separated.)

      And then when Trump takes office and does what he said because we voted for him to do it, point out that the screaming commentators and politicians are rejecting democracy – not for the first time, but more openly than usual.

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