News Roundup

So let’s look at the news, which will also cause you to break wind.

From the Dept. of Health, Nutrition and Religion:

...tastes like shit, is bad for you:  just like vegans themselves, I’m told.

Speaking of religions:

And while we’re on the Jew-Hate train of thought:

...wait:  sexual activity?  If looking at those Holocaust pics gives you a woody, you need help.

From the Dept. of Education:

...this all started when the courts decided that illegal immigrant children were entitled to free state education.
#DontCare #ReapTheWhirlwind

...Go Huskers!  And while we’re there:

...sadly, only in rural areas, where there isn’t too much danger from random assholes.  In the city schools, however, where there IS that kind of danger, the schools need to rely on the cops.

Still with the kiddies:

...but but but…isn’t underage sex illegal!  You mean making something illegal doesn’t end the problem?

From the Lawn Order News Desk:

...and of course he will;  in 2050, when it’s used against his side. gunpoint, perhaps?  I think he just means “run them over”. [/Insty]

And The Great Cultural Assimilation Project© continues apace:

...promises made by government, promises not kept by government.  Welcome to the U.S.A.

In the Romance Dept.:

...errrrr no, I think you’ll find it was actually the heroin.

And now for some linkless 


And living in :

...actually, she’s always been kinda fond of the sparkly dress stuff:

And on that powerfully-erotic note, we end the news.


  1. The vegan stuff is dreadful. It’s all chemicals and from a factory. Eat a hamburger made from cow, deer, elk, bison etc. The ingredients list is simple for the latter.

    I would have thought that the divorce documents would have to be signed by the couple seeking it. No checks and balances? talk about malpractice.

    Muzzies getting out of line and being sociopaths is a standing headline. Same with the trannies.

    people who block roads to protest should be dragged by whatever can be grabbed, hair, ankles whatever and dragged off.

    Thank God we didn’t get Garland onto the Supreme Court. He has been dreadful since he became AG.

    Thank God for Liz Hurley.

    1. “people who block roads to protest should be dragged by whatever can be grabbed, hair, ankles whatever and dragged off.”
      And no mercy to the assholes who super glue their hands to whatever. Don’t remove them. Just leave them the choice to stay there to die of thirst in their own waste, or else opt to rip their own skin off to leave.
      Then arrest them for trespass and littering.

    2. Divorces don’t require both spouses to agree, but I can’t see how a divorce could be valid without one of them signing. I suspect that the lawyers handed their client a thick bundle of forms and he or she signed without reading them.

  2. …tastes like shit, is bad for you: just like vegans themselves, I’m told.

    Have never eaten a Vegan, but thanks for the info……I’ll stick to steak.

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