Saw this pic at Timewaster‘s place the other day:

Clear out a couple dead trees to accommodate a little .22 range, add a clay thrower to the end of the pier, and Kim’s a happy bunny gunny.

Oh, I forgot:  also, a Ma Deuce to keep gummint agents ummm large predators errrr pirates  at bay.  That’s what I meant… pirates.


  1. Just add a seaplane, Something like a PBY Catalina. Big enough for the whole family, and with mounting points.

  2. To steal a quote: Some people want a big fancy mansion in the city, a fast expensive car, and lots of money to show around.

    And people like me want a cabin far away in the woods to get away from assholes like that. Or in this case, a little house on an island with good fields of fire.

  3. This sort of thing is where I take my brain on vacation every day.
    It doesn’t matter where or how, just as long as there are NO people within about 5 miles.

  4. …”a Ma Deuce to keep gummint agents ummm large predators errrr pirates at bay…”

    Sorry, the bidding begins at 20MM and, unless space considerations limit the size of the foundation, there is no upper limit. As a general rule, though, an automatic 5-inch turret at each end of the island shoudl be enough.

    I’ll second the motion on the PBY; slow, but reliable beyond belief. As for targets on buoys, one or two as skill-testers, but most should be firmly anchored. Does complicate target changing, though.

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