I thought this nonsense was more the provenance of the Japanese and Koreans:

Even when they switch to battery power, Ferrari supercars would continue to make a booming sound if a patent filed by the Italian firm is used in its electric vehicles of the future.
The Maranello-based car maker’s plans have been exposed by design drawings filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office, which were first spotted by CarBuzz.
They suggest the iconic brand wants to take the authentic sounds created by the powerful electric motors driving its plug-in models, then enhance them and pump the noise out via external speakers.

JHC, can anything be more pathetic?


  1. Is that what’s called a “Paper Tiger”?

    I prefer: “The little pussy that roared.”

  2. These glorified golf carts take too long to refuel and don’t have the range of my gasoline truck. They also are a drain on the electric grid. I have no interest in these things and will not buy one.


  3. That’s simply an extension of current practice. The Ford Mustang has been “enhancing” the engine sound via the speakers since 2015. Granted, completely fabricating engine sounds where none exist and pumping it out to external speakers is a heck of an extension but the camel’s nose entered the tent years ago.

  4. The artificial engine noise (and rushing-air sounds) were features of the future that Barlow awakened to in “The Marching Morons.”
    Le plus change.

  5. Hell, if I could afford a Ferrari, I’d insist that mine make a Stuka dive bomber noise. THAT would keep pedestrians and other drivers outta my way!

  6. Reminds me of fake meat that supposedly tastes like meat. Why bother with the fakery – other than to cover up inferiority?

    Might as well make them all out of fake meat while they’re at it.

    1. You needn’t encourage them, they are working to that end already.
      With the right flavors, colors and texturing agents, Insects can be made to taste like meat.
      Of course the same can be said of dirt.

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