Ugly, All Round

Here’s the headline:

…and my first thought was: if a judge can’t be trusted with a gun on board a plane, then who can?

But then commonsense kicked in and my secondary thought was:  fuck ’em.  I’m sick of all these carve-outs and special treatments for people like this.  If I can’t carry a gun on a plane, then nobody should (excepting U.S. Marshals acting as “sky marshals”, perhaps).

But it gets worse.  From the story:

One of the latest gun owners to find herself in this embarrassing and potentially pricey situation is Bexar County Court Judge Rosie Speedlin Gonzalez, who recently realized the hard way that she had left one of her pistols in her carry-on bag as she was going through security at the San Antonio airport on her way to a conference in Miami.

At which point my antennae started to twitch a little.  Bexar (pronounced “bear”) county is San Antonio (city motto:  “Like Austin, but with less class”), so no doubt “Speedy” Gonzales is one of those Children of Soros judges… and then the next paragraph confirmed it:

Gonzalez says police allowed her wife to come pick up the gun.

Her wife?

Ah, fuck.  I apologize in advance, but here’s a pic of Speedy:

…complete with rainbow LGBTOSTFU flag, no less.

And another story about her, on that same topic:

A lesbian judge in Texas has been sanctioned for displaying a rainbow flag in her courtroom, after a lawyer complained that it was a “symbol of sexuality” and comparable to a swastika.

Bexar County Judge Rosie Speedlin Gonzalez is appealing a decision by the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct, which told her in a private sanction that the rainbow flag — which flew alongside the U.S. flag and Texas state flag — was a breach of impartiality rules, Texas Lawyer reports.

Gonzalez made history in 2018 by becoming the first openly gay judge to be elected in Bexar County, and argued that the flag represented equality in her courtroom.

Listen, you rug-munching cow:  by definition, every courtroom in the United States represents equality before the law, and you shouldn’t have to wave your silly little flag to “prove” it.

I need to stop now before that 300+ blood pressure thing kicks in.

Range time?  I think so.


  1. Same-sex “marriage” is a travesty. Homosexuality is a defect (neurological, psychological, or whatever), and should be grounds for disqualification for any role in public service. I don’t care if that makes me a hateful ‘phobe. I used to be tolerant, but the alphabet people have demonstrated that they don’t want to be left alone, they want to be praised and subsidized and granted license to commit any perversion they can think of.

    1. God bless you! There are so many of you and I like-minded individuals, it is refreshing to see one another in a post! I, too, believe in ‘live and let live’, but they have taken it to a disgusting extreme.

  2. Do you think a straight white Republican male would have been given the opportunity to have his wife pick up the pistol? Cuffed, stuffed, and charged with a felony would have been the more likely outcome.

    1. nope!!! white Republican males would be tossed in the clink without a second thought and the local constabulary and DA’s office would work tirelessly to ensure that our rights are permanently infringed.

      See Animal Farm. “Some animals are more equal than others.”


  3. she belongs in jail like anyone else. Also, the key needs to be lost for years.

    Yeah the alphabet mafia doesn’t want tolerance or even acceptance. They want supremacy.


    1. Doesn’t the La Raza flag negate her rainbow flag?
      As I recall, La Raza has a motto almost identical to Mussolini’s saying about the State, except it references the Race.
      A racist, sexist, Heterophobic bigot, she is.

      And I note that the spell-check recognizes Homophobic but not Heterophobic.
      My Latin is not good. What is the Latin not for a fear of something but the hatred of something?

  4. I’m gonna go against the flow.
    NOBODY should have their natural rights infringed by anybody else.

  5. Been sayin’n that for years ( decades now ! )
    Homosexuality is a birth defect – nothing more.
    And we have no idea HOW to correct it, anymore than we are able
    to correct many other birth defects.
    As someone who was a homosexual once stated –
    ‘Who, in their right mind would CHOOSE to be like this ?’
    Maybe the phrase ‘right mind’ is the clue !

  6. Keyword — ‘thumb-ring’
    I hate thumb-rings.
    I also hate toe-rings.
    I really hate pierced lips or brows.
    This goes deeper than a mere disgust or dislike.
    I hate those symbols of symptoms with every cell of my being.
    * dump them on an island so they can symbolism to each other.
    Preferably an island in the Aleutians, someplace with inquisitive polar bears seeking a fine dining experience.
    An aside:
    Survivalist Board forum had a thread asking:
    * ‘after a disaster or during the collapse, what should I do if goofballs are in my yard?’
    During discussions with property owners and business owners around Eugene, Oregon, I get the impression the goofballs will go ‘floppy’ in the first thirty minutes.
    The goofballs in your yard will not be an issue.
    Extrapolate at your leisure.
    An aside:
    What father names his daughter ‘Speedlin’?
    That is just asking for a beat-down during each recess, twice at the bus-stop, and milk dumped on her head during graham-cracker nap-time.
    An aside:
    The words ‘gay’ and ‘straight’ are used by homosexuals to differentiate between them and us.
    Their mis-use of words created their freak-show segregation… simultaneously with their twisted demands to be integrated with normal folk.
    Please, avoid acknowledging the homosexual ‘place in society’ through using their adulteration of our wonderful language.
    Those people are homosexual, broken beyond redemption, a bunch of loud-mouths utterly unqualified to exist Real-World.
    And another thing:
    La Tee Dah Raza… a fraudulent fiction for mental midgets and other incompetents.
    You want a special place for your fake myth, try Guatamala.
    See how far your specialness is accepted by MS-13.
    Did I mention thumb-rings.
    Prominently on display in an official portrait on public-owned property, symbolizing your perversion.
    And I don’t much care for freak-show hair.
    And what kind of home creates the situation:
    * “My homosexual spouse packed a firearm in my bag, knowing I would be arrested at the airport…”.

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