Health Update

Getting sick of being sick, but there it is.  Waiting for the dozens* of medications to start working.

An Old Broad set tomorrow, and Monday should see the resumption of the usual.

I hope.

*slight exaggeration

News Roundup

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…annnnnd on to the news — now with a background theme!

is what happens when you pile it up high, sell it at a loss, and make it up in volume.  Minnesodah morons.

sort of the Arab version of Marvin Gaye, or just part of the Great Cultural Exchange?

already have them on DVD, so not another penny from me.  Sucks to be you.

those pesky Serbs;  they hate Muslims, and now homos.  Just terrible.

Dutch, Danes… what the hell, they all look the same anyway.

no, you brought this all on yourselves.  And why aren’t you in jail for lying under oath, anyway?

how about… NO.

they won’t meet any, because no school shooter wants to get wasted the minute he tries that Columbine shit.

begging the question:  and replaced with what?

of course, because it’s a female teacher, she’ll no doubt be home for tea after the trial.  Also:  Manchester.

Speaking of illicit sex:

I’m thinking the guy must look like Burt Reynolds in The Longest Yard, or Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke, because these two screws [sic] are HOT.

And in no-link INSIGNIFICA:


yeah, I know, you wanna see proof:

Not bad for an old broad.  Which brings us to the the end of the news.

Death Of A City

Here’s something to watch:  Seattle Is Dying

Yeah, it’s long — an hour or so — but it’s a classic case study in how misguided crime policies can corrupt a city, and cause it to fall.  I knew things were bad out there, what with all the Antifa and BLM riots, and what have you.  But this is everyday civic rot and degeneracy.

And of course, the answers are simple, and will work. Rhode Island, as you will see in the video, has come up with a workable solution.

But the elected politicians in Seattle refuse to change, and laugh when confronted by civic anger and resistance.

This is what the Soros prosecutors and Democrat politicians have in mind for every city and town in the United States.