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…annnnnd on to the news — now with a background theme!

is what happens when you pile it up high, sell it at a loss, and make it up in volume.  Minnesodah morons.

sort of the Arab version of Marvin Gaye, or just part of the Great Cultural Exchange?

already have them on DVD, so not another penny from me.  Sucks to be you.

those pesky Serbs;  they hate Muslims, and now homos.  Just terrible.

Dutch, Danes… what the hell, they all look the same anyway.

no, you brought this all on yourselves.  And why aren’t you in jail for lying under oath, anyway?

how about… NO.

they won’t meet any, because no school shooter wants to get wasted the minute he tries that Columbine shit.

begging the question:  and replaced with what?

of course, because it’s a female teacher, she’ll no doubt be home for tea after the trial.  Also:  Manchester.

Speaking of illicit sex:

I’m thinking the guy must look like Burt Reynolds in The Longest Yard, or Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke, because these two screws [sic] are HOT.

And in no-link INSIGNIFICA:


yeah, I know, you wanna see proof:

Not bad for an old broad.  Which brings us to the the end of the news.


  1. “…begging the question: and replaced with what?”

    I would expect a linguistic and grammar nazi such as yourself to run a tighter ship than that. “Begging the question” is a logical fallacy. It does not equal “raising the question”.

  2. “ Time to go Dutch? Global carbon
    emissions could be reduced by 414
    million tonnes per year if everyone on
    Earth cycled a mile a day like the average
    Dane, study claims”

    All of which assumes that cycling a mile a day would actually replace driving that same mile. Now, maybe I’m an exception, but I can’t think of a mile I could cycle at all safely that would replace a mile of driving.

    The Progressives ninnies just can’t STAND the freedom of movement that cars give the Unwashed, can they?

  3. > …is what happens when you pile it up high,

    I have a *tiny* bit of sympathy for large corporate stores right now.

    As previously mentioned, I paid my mortgage during most of 2020 by delivering groceries, primarily from Target’s grocery aisles. Which meant I was also delivering other stuff from Target.

    It was a small taste of what living in Soviet Russia might have been like.

    Coming off the Covid+California idiocy that blocked up supply chains, they never knew what was actually going to show up in 6 to 12 months after it was ordered.

    Then the cork popped and stuff showed up. Just in time for inflation (too much money chasing too few goods) to show up, which changed (some) people’s buying habits.

    Now, I do feel a tiny bit of sympathy which is almost completely drowned out by “Assholes deserve it”.

  4. The Moroccan is a standing headline.

    Pence can pound sand. The IRS, EPA, Department of Education, DOJ and probably the CIA have all been weaponized against the American people and work against American strength and prosperity. Lois Lerner and those other IRS chiefs deserve prison so do numerous politicians such as the Clinton crime family, Obama for giving money to terrorists in Iran among other things, Quid Pro Joe and his family of hooligans, the list goes on. And being a soft Republican squish should earn some prison time too.

    Why remove those books from libraries? That sounds like the censorship that the left claims they despise but then we all know that an important characteristic of the left is hypocrisy.

    Bicycling might be a great idea but isn’t that country essentially flat? Here there are far too many hills and with the rising rate of obesity, we’ll flood the Emergency Departments with heart attack victims within days if we all get on bicycles. Maybe that’s their real plan.


    1. In my Euro travels, it seemed to me that the Dutch were much, much more into bikes than the Danes. In any city, you could see hundreds, if not thousands, of bikes in big parking lots just for them.
      My Dutch friends jokingly referred to a 10′ rise in a flat plain as “the Dutch mountains.”
      Even though the Dutch are well acclimated to legions of riders, I would not ride in a big city for fear of my life or killing a pedestrian, or falling in front of a tram while trying to cross the tracks.
      OTOH, I found leisurely peddling between small towns in the farmlands of northeast Netherlands near Groningen an absolute delight.

  5. I wonder how much CO2 would be saved / not emitted if we switched to nuclear (fission) power?

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