1. “No ammunition” drills in the New British Army, in case the snowflakes are frightened by the noise.

  2. Just goes to show that an underpowered cartridge in a five-pound revolver can be quite stable.

  3. Camp Perry national matches in 2040. Shooters had to be imported from Airstrip One. Could only find these 3.

  4. Wife and I watched “The Monuments Men” last night, she for the first time. (Checked out the DVD from the library). My first thought above was that is was a pity Leftenant Jeffries wasn’t a better shot.

  5. Steady lads, here come a thousand Huns with fixed bayonets and there are only four of us. Just remember, it’s more important to look good than to feel good while dying, and those sharp creases and neckties look marvelous!

  6. In my dreams Obama, Hilary Clinton, and Merrick Garland are just out of frame in that picture.

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