1. If you don’t already, may I suggest you find a locally owned pharmacy? My lady and I both have to deal with several prescriptions running all the time (long, tiresome, story). My experience has been that you cannot get a doctor to write one scrip per sheet, no matter what. And chain pharmacies seem incapable of putting a scrip you don’t need immediately (and which probably can’t be filled, yet) ‘on file’ without losing it. And if you tell them, on discovering they have misplaced a scrip you now need, to please call the doctor in question and sort it out while you shop, you find on returning that they have done one half the square root of f*ck-all. You have to make a scene on their sale floor to motivate them.

    I seriously believe that the chains I have dealt with have a policy of hiring the bewildered.

    Family owned, or small, locally owned pharmacies DON’T DO THIS. I’ve dealt with several, and they average one minor problem a year, which given the mess I drop in their laps is damned good.

    The chains claim they can save you money, but I figure any extra I pay, I save by not having to buy ulcer medication.

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