Death Of A City

Here’s something to watch:  Seattle Is Dying

Yeah, it’s long — an hour or so — but it’s a classic case study in how misguided crime policies can corrupt a city, and cause it to fall.  I knew things were bad out there, what with all the Antifa and BLM riots, and what have you.  But this is everyday civic rot and degeneracy.

And of course, the answers are simple, and will work. Rhode Island, as you will see in the video, has come up with a workable solution.

But the elected politicians in Seattle refuse to change, and laugh when confronted by civic anger and resistance.

This is what the Soros prosecutors and Democrat politicians have in mind for every city and town in the United States.


  1. To quote former Preznit Bozo Bigears – “Elections have consequences”.
    Welcome to ” Vote Democrat”.

    Daily Fail has a nifty article on Portland today, sister shithole city to Seattle.
    When you vote to let intellectual children run your states and cities, this is the result that should most likely be expected.

    Our own glorious Austin,”San Francisco on the Colorado” is doing it’s best to catch up to her Pacific Northwest sisters.

    I Have not an ounce of sympathy for people who vote to run the train to hell and then start whining when the train takes them there.

  2. you’re absolutely right Yankee. It’s like they’re cutting trees without any concern where it will fall with many people around. Just make sure you’re well away from that mess before they holler timber.


    PS I think I have been watching too much Ax Men and timber shows

  3. Ordinarily my schadenboner would be at full go. But it just means these purple hair Bernie fucks are going to pack up their Prius and infect some rural town somewhere and start bitching about the lack of vegan restaurants or that school teachers used the wrong pronouns.

    I’m not a resident but I work in WA and OR. Seattle and Portland have fucked up their entire host state, to where even the smaller cities are getting overwhelmed with vagrants.

  4. I’m old enough to remember the late 70’s, with similar predictions about Seattle – due to the economic downturn of Boeing. “Will the last person leaving Seattle please turn out the lights” was a sign on I-5 Southbound….

    This time, maybe…

  5. The wife and I are so close to being able to retire out of this shithole. South Dakota and real gun laws are on the horizon.

    We don’t live in Seattle itself, thank . Even so, the bums are getting worse in our suburb of Renton. I see more bums around the local gas and gulp on a Thursday morning than I would see thirty years ago when I had a summer job in downtown Seattle as a night time security guard.

    Seeing posts on Fecesbook in the “Safe Seattle” and “Seattle Looks Like Shit” groups is sad. It was a beautiful city when I attended the University of Washington. Rampant leftism has killed it. Yes, elections have consequences. Judging by the recent primary election we had, the inhabitants of Seattle like things they way they are. The screwball incumbents had very comfortable margins.

    Enough rambling bitching about the destruction of a city. Off to deal with work where the boss makes me question the wisdom of letting humanity continue. 🙂

    1. Jack Brown,
      Your final paragraph is a new screenshot… added to our screensaver rotation.

  6. A long quote from Gibbon about a Greek destroyed by the corruption of Rome, enslaved by a Hun named Onegesius, then freed, and then grateful to live under Hunnish rule:

    “The freedom of Onegesius exposed, in true and lively colours, the vices of a declining empire, of which he had so long been the victim; the cruel absurdity of the Roman princes, unable to protect their subjects against the public enemy, unwilling to trust them with arms for their own defence; the intolerable weight of taxes, rendered still more oppressive by the intricate or arbitrary modes of collection; the obscurity of numerous and contradictory laws; the tedious and expensive forms of judicial proceedings; the partial administration of justice; and the universal corruption, which increased the influence of the rich, and aggravated the misfortunes of the poor.”

    For “Roman princes” substitute “Lefty politicians”, for “the vices of a declining empire substitute” the vices of a declining USA and all of western civ”.

    I’m old, I’ll probably be dead before the next Huns come, but I fear for my children and grandchildren.

    Thanx to Derbyshire for the Gibbon reference years ago.

  7. One of the greatest cities in the country, once upon a time. Horrifying to see what’s happened to my old stomping grounds. As bad as their elected officials are, the fucktards who voted for them are worse.

  8. Back in the 00’s, I was on the board of an international aid group sponsored by the oil and gas industry who’s charter was to coordinate the medevac of their members’ employees out of shit hole 3rd world countries to countries that had Tier 1 medical care. They alternated their annual meeting between the US and Western European cities. The first meeting I attended was in Bern, Switzerland; the next meeting was in Seattle. The meetings were held in the same building that Bill Gates Sr had his law firm in, and we stayed in a private hotel, but the 2 block walk to the meeting place was a real treat for our out of country guests. Open use of drugs, relentless panhandling, abusive treatment of foreigners and abject filth. Seattle cops were oblivious to it all. That was the last time Seattle was picked to host the conference (although two years later, they selected Atlanta, so lesson NOT learned).

    As much as I hate living in the DC suburbs, you can’t overstate the benefits of living where congresscritters and their staff live. They keep the police presence high and the feral yoots in DC. I’ve often said Fairfax County Sheriff’s cars should have “Fuck Around, Find Out” painted on the doors. They don’t play no silly games.

    Still can’t wait to move.

  9. That KOMO documentary was done more than three years ago.
    Sadly, there hasn’t been any improvement in Seattle.
    My son, who lives in an apartment out Lake City Way recently had a stray bullet come through his bedroom wall. It didn’t hit him, thank god, but did take out his refrigerator.
    I’m sure glad I moved from Seattle to Lakewood in 2013.
    Then I moved from WA altogether in 2018.
    No regrets.

  10. On the other hand, clearly the vagrants and rug users recognize nice real estate when they see it.

    I mean, why pitch your hovel city encampment in a weed filled urban parking lot when you can camp in attractive manicured tree lined neighborhoods, probably close to good medical facilities and various other conveniences, right?

    And in the case of Portland, free to use only the best drugs without real consequence!
    I’m sure all the vagrants are just hard working down on their luck folks who will take advantage of the new programs to “get them back on their feet”… long enough to stagger off to where they can score their next fix or maybe do some “free shopping” in someone else’s store or home to finance said fix.

    You just know, the end of this parable ain’t gonna be happy when it inevitably comes.

  11. All I used to know about Seattle was from watching Fraiser. A nice midsized city with good coffee. It is the destination of all Democrat policies.

  12. Wife watches Grey’s Anatomy, and marvels at the beautiful skyline, the nice roads, and be able to visit the hospital as a fan. This video would depress her after the first 10 min.

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