1. I hope you feel better soon. strong ginger tea with honey and lemon might help. Some say add liquor.


  2. My fix-it for cold symptoms:
    * the ‘Lion’ pose from yoga.
    Kneel on your knees.
    Feet behind you, ankles flat, soles up.
    Heels of your hands on your knees.
    Fingers splayed.
    Head tilted back, eyes wide, staring at the ceiling.
    Tongue out to its limits.
    Now, stretch every muscle and tendon until you tremble… including stretching your tongue out toward the ceiling corner.
    Hold for a few seconds, then release.
    Sip a few ounces of clean water.
    This helps activate the liver, brings a rush of blood into the infected area, and pumps the lymph system to help flush toxins.
    And ‘yes’, I think yoga is for beta males hoping for some nookie after yoga class.
    Every once in a while, even the hindoos get something right…

  3. I got what I thought was a very (and uncharacteristically) light cold 2 weeks ago and it was Covid

    I had virtually zero respiratory issues and a modest amount of sniffles

    I had some tiredness and headaches, but nothing too problematic

    Hope you feel better, Gringo

  4. Sorry to hear that, hope you get better soon,FWIW sounds like a touch of the ‘rona to me.

    Vitamin D, warm milk honey and scotch should put you straight soon enough.

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