I may have said it first, but Steve Sailer says it with data and stuff:

Fortunately, in the current global outbreak only three people outside Africa have died so far, none in the U.S. Hopefully, there’s something different between African monkeypox and Western gay monkeypox.

Of course, monkeypox in America and Europe is overwhelmingly being spread by gay men to gay men.

For example, in New York City, none of its 336 victims so far have been women, in comparison to seven who are listed as “TGNCNB,” an acronym new to me that stands for “Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Non-Binary.” Similarly, in Washington, D.C., which has the highest per-capita infection rate in the country, not one of the 122 patients is a woman.

Of course, one cannot mention the unthinkable:

“It’s unclear if this version of monkeypox spreads sexually or through more general skin-on-skin contact, or, most likely, both. It might also transmit through the air, but, at the moment, it appears to usually take a gay bacchanal to strew it far and wide.”

…lest one is accused of homophooohhhbia, but let’s be honest and at least acknowledge that in this case at least, there’s an ironclad correlation between buttsex and homopox.


  1. bacchanal?
    back anal?
    funny how that works, no?

    Anyone that would tamper with another persons anus deserves exactly what they get. The very idea is revolting. shiver

  2. Men who ride the Hershey highway of other men can reach their destination of Monkeypox.

    Wonder if the liberals will use this SCAM demic of Monkey pox to rig another election?

    Don’t vote in person, you might catch a scary disease. But if your gay, keep sticking the drum stick up someone else’s fart trumpet in person.

    Party of science.

  3. Washington DC has the highest per capita infection rate? So how many Biden administration politicos and bureaucrats, and how many Congresscritters and minions have it? The MSM certainly won’t report on it.

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