Total Agreement

I see that the Russkis are getting in on the act:

A Russian state TV host called on the U.S. to remove President Joe Biden and reinstate former President Donald Trump days after Biden made his own call for a regime change aimed at Vladimir Putin.

Trust me, Eugene old buddy, we want that regime change much more than you do — but whereas you lot can just murder the top guy and put someone else in his place, we have that Constitution thing which tells us that it’s a no-no.  We have to wait till the next elections in 2024 when we can cast this asshole (and his godless Party reptiles) out of office and begin the job of rebuilding the catastrophe of his policies both foreign and domestic.

However — and please take note of this — little adventures of the Ukrainian type will be tolerated even less by the non-Biden successor, so take all your war toys and conscripts back while you still have the choice, and stick them in mothballs.

We may be busy with the Great Reconstruction in a couple years’ time, but that doesn’t mean we’ll just sit by while you assholes invade the Baltic republics or Poland;  because one of the things we’ll be reconstructing is our military.

Depend on it.

News Roundup

As endorsed by the current Vice-President:

And in the news today (and yesterday, etc.):

and everybody can start breathing again.

given their Muzzie problem, it’s hardly surprising.

when people can’t own guns, etc.

I got nothing.  It’s all in the very first word.

as much as I detest the term, this one isn’t bad.

now quit that giggling, y’all.

Dept. Of Wokeism:

those chauvinist bastards.

and for the first time in cinematic history, no stage makeup was necessary.

Train Smash Update:

seems to me that she needs to get a mind job before changing her boobs, but that’s just my opinion.

I’m assuming with five different men, at least(Parallel thought:  would an MFM encounter count as one time, or two?)

And in INSIGNIFICA today:


you’ve heard of the word “cornucopia”?  This guy was a “pharmacopia”.

as she returns to favor, although she’s definitely not as sexy as she was before (proof):

And that’s the news, gawd help us.

Celebrations And Such

I will be spending most of today at the range with Doc Russia and some Guests To Be Named Later, so tomorrow’s postings may be few — but will probably contain an extensive range report covering a multitude of guns.

I know you guys hate that kind of stuff, but there ya go.

The background to all this is that Doc is getting married on Saturday and during the week, various family and friends will be converging on this area of North Texas from all over the place, and it is therefore incumbent on Doc and me to entertain them with activities of interest:  shopping for the lady folk, and gun time for the men.  (Unlike most people in government, we have absolutely no problem in identifying women and what pleases them.)  That doesn’t mean that the men will not be shopping (e.g. for shooting gear / guns), and various of the ladies may well want to join us at one of the several shooting events planned for the upcoming week.  We don’t care, as long as everyone has a good time.

And on that topic, Doc’s bachelor party is to take place on Thursday night, so the following day may also reveal a paucity of bloggy material, depending on the number of post-debauchery hobgoblins who will take up residence in my skull in the hours that follow.

It’s going to be a tough week.  Bear with me, please.

Ignorant Cow

I speak here of so-called comedian (comedienne?  I’m never sure) Whoopi Goldberg (real name:  Caryn Elaine Johnson) who culturally appropriated a Jewish surname in order, one assumes, to get ahead in show business.

‘Twas this same Whoopi who declared on the TV bitchfest a.k.a. The View that in her opinion, Jill Biden should be nominated as Secretary of Health Services, “because she a doctor” — when anyone without terminal ignorance would have known that Mrs. Biden’s doctorate was not in Medicine (M.D.) but in Education, surely the lowest intellectually-ranked PhD outside Womyn’s Studies.

This ignorance has been extended yet again, when Our Caryn Whoopi:

…called on the royal family to “apologize” for slavery

Would it be crass to inform Whoopi that Her Majesty Queen Victoria’s (oops) His Majesty King William IV’s Government outlawed slavery in 1833*?   And that future King Charles III and after-him William V have both offered royal apologies for their country’s use of slavery, several times in fact?

In the (paraphrased) words of South African protest singer Koos Kombuis**, “How much longer do we have to say we’re sorry?”

Someone should ask Ms. Johnson Goldberg et al. that very question — but the answer would undoubtedly be “FOREVER!” because otherwise who would the race hustlers have to blame for their shortcomings?

*In terms of European monarchies, the first to outlaw slavery was Denmark in 1803, followed by The Netherlands in 1814, Spain in 1817 and Greece in 1818.

**It’s a pity that Koos sings almost exclusively in Afrikaans, because his lyrics are at once savage and hysterically funny.  He and I are not related, and he’s only two weeks older than I am.