Tennessee To The Rescue

First go and read what I wrote back in 2020 about this bullshit.  I’ll wait, and then you can go below the fold to see the end result.




Now here’s the good news:

In Victory for Property Owners Statewide, Tennessee Court Strikes Down Game Warden Surveillance Law as Unconstitutional
Late yesterday, the Benton County Circuit Court ruled that a statute authorizing warrantless trespassing and surveillance by Tennessee game wardens is unconstitutional. The ruling is not just a victory for Benton County landowners Terry Rainwaters and Hunter Hollingsworth, who sued with the Institute for Justice (IJ) after the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) ignored their “No Trespassing” signs by entering and installing cameras on their land. The victory also applies broadly to private land across Tennessee.

Oh yeah, baby.  Read all about it.


  1. TN just moved up the list for places to move. Those game wardens should be jailed and fined for what they did

  2. I too was heavily in favor of target practice on unmarked anything of a spying nature found on MY property.

    At the very least said cameras would have been checked to see if they could broadcast and if not would have vanished, stolen no doubt by the criminals the wardens were no doubt trying to protect me from.

    100 years ago eh? Sounds like prohibition continues to give the assholes in government the right to abuse the plain intent of the 4th Amendment.

  3. That is a happy ending and probably the proper thing to have done.

    Still, I’ll stand by my comment back then. I’d probably wipe them clean and put them on eBay.

    Then when they come asking, you can start the suit process.

  4. You say you left something green attached to a tree on my property? and now they are missing?

    Well, that explains the truck with Government plates that parked next to my “Posted- No Trespassing” signs a few weeks ago.
    Sorry — Can’t help you … but them Deer will eat anything green.

  5. Case should have been a non-starter from the point the Fucking Fish Cops trimmed branches on the trees to open the field of view.

    But yes, a most satisfying victory . Now let’s see if TWRA wants to waste more of the taxpayer’s money on an appeal.

    Unmarked trail camera, like new except for black paint on the lens.

    1. I thought that I read in one of the earlier reports that the cameras had some sort of marking in them. I wouldn’t take the chance of selling them. I don’t know what would happen to the but I doubt they would be present when the wardens returned. I’d scour the area for more cameras.

  6. As a Tennessean, this is shocking

    I am a little concerned about what the Court of Appeals may do, but not about what our Tn Supreme Court would decide if it ultimately took up the case

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