Death By Covid

You know, it’s one thing when Olde Pharttes like me are whacked by the Rona;  but this is just horrible:

Britain’s oldest pub has called time after more than 1,000 years
— due to the Covid pandemic

Ale was first served at Ye Olde Fighting Cocks in 793 but sadly the popular boozer has been unable to withstand the struggles of the past two years.
The pub in St Albans, Herts, has survived wars, plagues and previous economic crises. But landlord Christo Tofalli said he was walking away because the pandemic had been “devastating”.
He added: “I have tried everything to keep this pub going. However, the past two years have defeated all of us who have been trying our hardest to ensure the pub could continue. It goes without saying I am heartbroken.”
The much-loved landlord, who has run the venue for a decade, has been inundated with messages of support from around the world since his company went into administration.

“Messages of support?”  What about financial support?

Here’s yet another reason I would like to win a huge lottery:  I’d buy The Fighting Cocks (was there ever a name better chosen to get the hippies upset?), run it at a loss until business picked back up, and then give it back to the owner, who seems to be more than a decent sort.

And don’t talk to me about having the National fucking Trust step in to save this historic building.  First thing these wokist twats would do is change the name (because animal croolty), and then ban the sale of booze on the property.  Fuckers.

No, the Brits need to get behind this most excellent cause, with the rallying cry of

It deserves no less.


  1. not killed by covid, killed by the globalist plutocrats who use covid as an excuse to destroy small businesses and pull the very core out of western civilisation.

  2. I think part of this Covid SCAM demic was an opportunity to get rid of many small businesses. Guv mint loves the big corporations. Politicians can get Lots of bribes from the corporations, whoops, I meant to say, DONATIONS… NOT bribes…

    During the SCAM demic one could go to a big box store, packed with people, and enjoy shopping. Many small businesses were closed. Cuz, ya know, the cerveza bug. I guess you could not catch covid at a large corporation. Many people packed into a large box store, well, that was safe. SCAM demic.

    Even when there were capacity limits on some large businesses, which were temporary, those large corporations could weather the storm. A handful of local mom and pop businesses near and far folded.

    Luckily, all of the firearm stores I know, did NOT go out of business. The people who declared themselves to be kings (boards of health, mayors, governors, etc) shut these businesses down and put in capacity limits here and there, but these stores stayed in business. Since many corporations don’t want to sell the evil pew pews, the small mom and pops survived.

    Corporations are scum. Many in bed with the guv mint.

    Did Brandon’s drug addict kid wear a mask when he smoked crack, finger painted stupid ass ” art ” and fucked dirty ass hookers and his brothers wife during the SCAM demic?

    1. to answer your question, we can see that Tank Abrams in Georgia, NewScum in California, Nancy “pass it to find out what’s in it like a stool sample” Pelosi and a host of others, no they did not wear masks while going about their daily business of spreading hate and wrecking anything they touch except their wallets

    2. Their evil tactic likely included ruining the livelihoods of Trump supporters to reduce their ability to be effective.

  3. You know someone who knows someone who knows him, I’m sure.

    He should sell pint vouchers, or “pre-paid pints”. Send him the equivalent of a mid-priced pint, + shipping and handling, and you get a coupon for a drink on your next visit. This would include a small, card that says “Thank you for saving the Fighting Cocks” or some such.

  4. Purposeful destruction of solid middle class businesses at the hands of government morons, who, while whining how The Great White North Tailgate Party is causing economic damage (a lie), completely failing that their own oppressive unlawful lockdowns intentionally destroyed livelihoods in the tens of thousands. Typical weasel move.

    Sad really…need an online fundraiser to prop it up…I’d throw in a C-Note, directly so the thieving faction can’t steal it.

  5. The rate at which public houses have been closing for the last 30 years is staggering. Not just the UK, but my Australia as well for example.

    I had family friends who owned a pub in Southgate (London) which had been there since the 1700s.

    Drink Driving rules halved their business in the 80s then the **ahem** changing demographics in the area meant a) the new residents didn’t drink and b) they became progressively more hostile to patrons leaving the pub, women couldn’t leave the pub unescorted at night and the new local started a multi year campaign of complaining to the council at every opportunity. Eventually, the new residents got enough votes to rezone the area forcing this pub and several others to close.

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