Here’s one that should make you cringe:

Anderson Cooper on Thursday revealed he has welcomed a second son named Sebastian Luke Maisani-Cooper. The CNN personality, 54, announced the big news on his show on Thursday evening.

Cooper said that his ‘best friend and former partner’ Benjamin Maisani is ‘in the process of adopting Wyatt, whose last name will be changed to Maisani-Cooper as well.’ He added, ‘Wyatt calls me “daddy” and Benjamin “papa.” We’re a family.’

The newborn had this to say:

Poor thing.

In so many ways.


  1. So the adoption agencies will allow adoptions to broken homes run by old perverts?
    What do you call balls on gay men? MUD FLAPS!
    I feel so sorry for this kid.

  2. Congratulation’s kid You’ve managed to find the brand new secret “back door” to the Lucky Sperm Club. (Once removed). Unfortunatly your new late Grandmother blew thru the Big Money, and you missed out on getting to use the magic family name. …. and technically you don’t actually have any Vanderbuilt genes in you….. But it probably won’t matter that much anyway, you’ll probably just always be a bit resentful. You will still get that automatic go to the front of the line that comes with attending the ” Right ” schools and family connections. The hard part is making the most of the opportunity.

    Good luck kid you are going to need it……. Oh yeah …. Yes …. No titties for you, just a series of nannies. Maybe when you get older……if you make it that far.

  3. Instead of DAY care, this kid will be attending GAY care.

    Mother’s Day will be a very confusing day for this kid.

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