1. Yep, no meeting halfway.

    You convert them to meat from a distance that you won’t get any of them on you.

  2. Particularly when the oppositions definition of “Halfway” is: We get 90% of what we want now and you get 25% of what you want at some point in the future, yet to be determined.

    Fortunately, the greedy members of the evil party have overreached once again and are too busy fighting amongst themselves to actually get anything done.

  3. The basis of compromise means that, if the compromise fails, the situation remains as it is. For instance, you have a car I want, I have money you want, if we fail to compromise on a price you keep your car and I keep my money.

    The way the Democrats compromise is they have a car I want, I have money they want, if we fail to compromise they take half my money and keep the car.

    Mark D

    1. They learned that from the Communists. The Soviets used to negotiate for what they wanted now, and with a promise for what you wanted in the future. As that date approached, some crisis arose and they demanded renegotiation. That’s how they got the Embassy property in Washington so cheaply.

  4. Oh and one more:

    There isn’t any situation in the world, no matter how bad, that you can’t add an emotional woman too, and make it a whole lot worse.

    1. That applies tenfold when looking to buy a house, she will fall in love with the house, and it will be more than you realistically can afford, with zero cushion. The agent/broker will tell her that you can do it, but you can’t, not without foregoing vacations, hobbies, the new car she’ll want in five years, and evenings at home. All it will take is one economic hiccough, and you’re the bad guy for casting her out of her dream house.

      Don’t ask how I know all this.

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