Oh Yeah, I Almost Forgot

There’s a new Kim du Toit book on sale.


Just be warned:  it’s nothing like my usual fare.

The idea came to me shortly after Connie died, and I wrote most of it while staying at Free Market Towers.

I’m still working on Skeleton Coast;  while it is completed (finally!), I have to reformat it the whole thing to make it work in both print and Kindle, which requires almost a line-by-line edit.  It should all be done by the end of next week.


  1. Snagged a copy. My Inner New Englander couldn’t resist.

    To be honest, I mourn my lost home state of Connecticut. I was born there at what was probably its high point, of both prosperity and political sanity, and since then, it has entirely augured in, leaving nothing but a smoking crater and a ghost of its former self behind.

    1. As a current resident of that benighted state, I must agree with you. And we’re also looking to get out in the near future. Unless I can actually find a real job here. (cue maniacal/hysterical laughter)

  2. Just bought your new book, ‘Signing New England’ and I will start reading it, sitting in the back yard, sipping on a bit of Scotch, once I finish up a bit of watering on my roses and peppers.

    Thank You Kim.

  3. Bought the kindle version. Will be reading it next on the list.

    Since it is the second of your missives I have purchased not sure I will see much change in style. Unless this guy is anti gun or some else off the scale.

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