Monday Funnies

For one lovely moment, I woke up this morning and thought it was next Monday — i.e. the long weekend Monday — only for the ghastly realization to sink in that it wasn’t;  in other words, it’s going to be the normal miserable five days of slog before we reach the oasis of next weekend.

So what the hell;  might as well console ourselves with the usual tasteless, offensive Monday stuff, right?


And lastly, one for the times we find ourselves in:

I’d like to take a lot more than five, but that’s just the over-achiever in me talking.

Anyway, here’s something a little more cheerful:


…and lastly:

Next week’s Funnies will appear (of course) on Tuesday, unless you guys can’t do without them.


  1. My wife and I have structured our lives so that there are no Mon-Fri’s. Just weekends 7 days a week and twice on Mon. No calendars or clocks necessary. It’s all in how you look at it.

    Flag gurl looks tasty. blueberry and vanilla poon

  2. Kim, one minor quibble about your Pope Francis quote. I believe that the pontiff in the photo is actually Pope Benedict. Other than that your point is spot on.

  3. Flag Girl makes me wish I had continued on with my body painting studies back in the ’60’s. I can see a few places where I might want to add a second coat.

    As to your Keep Calm, I would try to take at least six with me. Thank you, Messer’s Smith and Wesson for making the Model 19 a SIX shooter.

  4. Wait, no Monday funnies next week? Does that mean no nearly nekkid womans too? Have a heart, I need my Monday jolts of good stuff to get me going.

    1. Nah, Monday will have the usual mix of bad taste, irreverence and nudity. My bad, I thought that Monday was July 4, but it’s the holiday the day after.

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