News Roundup

All the news that’s fit to ignore, laugh at, or take as a signal to start the shooting.

and here I thought it was being caused by militant feministicals.

nothing like encouraging a culture of snitching to build esprit de corps.

not the best way to get carpet burns, really.  Key word:  Edinburgh.

California Gauleiter Gavin Newsom was not available for comment.

what’s a little thing like “law” when it comes to acting like a dictator?

key word:  Australia.

given that FC Dallas’s U-15 boys’ team recently beat your gaggle of lesbians 5-2, I wonder how well you  would do against the likes of Lionel Messi, Harry Kane, Ronaldo and Robert Lewandowski, seeing as you want to earn their kind of money?

strange how it takes a ministerial order for the Brits to do for a year what we do every day Over Here.

and it’s not even the Babylon Bee.

funny how everybody calls the U.S. The Great Satan;  and yet when the shit hits the fan, nobody ever calls on the Norwegians or Swedes for assistance.

And now:  Insignifica


Finally, your ***REAL*** news:

…and for proof of said boo-boo:

Ankles?  Didn’t know she had ’em.

Get well soon, chica!


I must confess that I’ve never understood the Brit obsession with “chip butties” (a.k.a. “chip baps”), which are simply whitebread-and-butter sandwiches with french fries inside them.  (A “bap” is a sandwich, either sliced bread or a bread roll — don’t ask, I don’t get it either.)

Carbohydrates squared.

There’s no reason why you couldn’t put fries into a sandwich, I guess, although I’ve always considered fries to be an accompaniment to a sandwich rather than its filling.  Put it down to Weird Shit That Brits Do.

However, there’s been this development:  the 1,000-calorie deep-fried chip butty, and apparently the Brits can’t get enough of it.  (No pics because… yikes.)

Even better, the deep-fried chip butty can be served with a side order of… fries.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all… although I have to tell you that I wouldn’t mind trying one, just out of academic interest.

Postscript:  In Scotland you can get deep-fried Mars Bars, but that’s just the Scots being Scottish.  And they taste just about as you’d think they’d taste:  bloody awful.

Monday Funnies

So we can see the wood from the trees, here’s a little sick humor:

(Frankly, anyone who has to burn a scented candle while at work deserves everything that comes to them.)  Next:

Okay, that just barely makes it Floriduh.  Now, if it had been a funeral procession…

And I’m sorry, Kenny, but this is just too damn funny not to steal:

Try to get through the week without shooting anyone…

Raving Beauty

Whereas Sabine Schmitz was taken from us at age 51, Jessica Walter — one of my favorite character actresses of all time — held out till 80.

Here we go:

In later years, she just aged like the finest wine:

And now [sigh]  I’ll just have to take Malory Archer off Ye Olde Buckette Lyst:

R.I.P. Jessica.  You were always one of the best, and one of my favorites.

Boomershoot Update

Managed (finally!) to secure one of these bad boys for the annual Boomershoot ULD drawing:

It’s the Savage 110 Apex Predator XP:  Accu-Trigger, .308 Win, 20″ heavy (threaded) barrel, camo stock.  I can’t wait to get it to the range and sight it in.

That’s not the scope it will come with, by the way;  I’m still a little undecided between a Vortex 5-25x50mm or a Meopta of similar magnification.  It all depends on how much more I can raise in the next couple weeks.

Which [segue alert]  reminds me:  $25 per entry, no limit on the number of entries, checks or PayPal.  Please be generous so that I can actually afford to go to the abovementioned event, not to mention afford the .308 ammo (!!!! holy balls !!!!).    I will send all unfired ammo, if any remains, to the lucky winner as well.

Also:  for those who have already entered, please send me yer email addy via kim – at – kimdutoitdotcom so I can notify you if you’ve won, and keep it anonymous.

Ah, Hell

Sarah dun a goodie.

It’s not from her, but from a movie she just watched:

“You can’t walk [away from] your own story.”

And if you want to watch Rango  (again) after reading her post, then let that be your movie recommendation for the weekend.

I just wish I knew whether this is my own story… I need to get to the range again soon.