Might Get Me One

Seen via Insty:

That would be what we call the Tacoma, Over Here:

Just wondering whether the roof struts are strong enough to handle the mount… not that I’m thinking of doing anything revolutionary, of course.

Sadly, New Wife is not of the Pickup Truck Persuasion, and point-blank refuses to let me get one when it comes time to trade in the Tiguan.

Too bad;  I rather fancied this version:

No End In Sight

Here’s a sign of the times, and it’s not pretty.  As any fule kno, Georgia Arms is one of the biggest reloaders / sellers of “bulk” ammo, whether in minimum purchase requirements or else their “Canned Lightning” (ammo can) option.  Well, here’s what I saw the last time I looked at their website, a couple days back:

That’s not three cases (their normal sales unit), but three boxes.  Aaaargh.

From Chris Metz, CEO of Vista Outdoors (Federal, CCI, Speer and Remington) about ammo demand and shortages:

“Demand has been really strong across the board — any type or caliber of handgun ammo:  small rifle, big rifle, hunting rifle, even rimfire — all of it really picked up.  And we’re not seeing an end.  We talk to a big database of users on a monthly basis, and one thing we’re noting is that what we call ‘heavy shooters’, those who shoot 10,000 rounds or more a year, a lot of them haven’t been purchasing.  They’ve seen the frenzied activity and are holding back in hopes it’ll subside.  Well, we all know what’s going to happen when they work through their stockpiles and, at some point, come back to the market.  So no, we don’t foresee any slowdown in the market in 2021.”

I’m not quite in the group of heavy shooters Metz is talking about — I used to be, not that much anymore — but I know my weekly shooting trips have dwindled to about once every three weeks, and I’m shooting 50 rounds where once I used to burn through 100-150 rounds per session.  I’m reduced to doing 30-minute dry-fire exercises each day — and how sucky is that.

Jason Hornady:

“You know which consumers are maddest?  The ones who normally buy two boxes of deer ammo a year.  They go into their local shops and can’t believe the shelves are bare.”

All the manufacturers are reporting not only worker fatigue but also machine stress, which is also problematic.  There are even shortages of DOT-required spec shipping boxes, FFS, let alone primers and cases.

So all those years of nagging people about National Ammo Day sure taste sour in my mouth right now, because I get no joy whatsoever in saying “I told you so.”

In A Nutshell

From Max Morton at American Greatness [irony alert] :

On one hand, you have traditional Americans. They come in every race, creed, and religion. They believe in law and order, expect everyone to follow the rules, and mostly just want to be left alone.
Family-oriented, self-reliant, and armed, traditional Americans populate the working-class ranks of the military, law enforcement, and industry. Sadly, most are technically illiterate. They underestimate the threat from the surveillance state and Securitate. Many still believe the FBI only goes after bad guys, and they cannot grasp that the national security apparatus now views them as the enemy. They rightly bristle when slandered with “white supremacist” or “terrorist” labels. A habituated trust in authority makes them vulnerable to snitching on others and collaborating with those they shouldn’t. Many are infected with white knight conspiracy theories that counsel remaining submissive. In general, they have nearly zero control of the nation’s money, media, government, academia, legal system, and surveillance state.

On the other hand is the ruling elite. They advocate a multi-tiered justice system and expect others to follow their rules, beliefs, and norms. They are politically savvy and disciplined. They view traditional Americans and their beliefs as an impediment to their wealth and utopian dreams, going so far as routinely to advocate extreme actions such as genocide, re-education, and the removal of the children of their political opposition.
They employ proxy forces, such as Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and journalists to bully ordinary Americans and weak-willed corporations. In order to intimidate and discredit their political opposition, they’ve weaponized the use of labels such as “white supremacist” and “terrorist” on their enemies. They are generally opposed to religion and personal firearm ownership, and they cannot allow you to be left alone. They will attempt to nudge wrong-thinkers into accepting the ruling elite’s ideology. If that doesn’t work, they’ll force compliance via law enforcement, military, and the intelligence agencies they now command. They control most of the national wealth and all of the media, government, academia, legal authorities, and surveillance state.

Not much I can add to that.  For various options for us to combat the above, read the rest of the article.

Be warned:  much of that is not only difficult, but beyond the reach of average Americans like me.

Check This, Assholes

Here’s something to brighten your day:

Miller was contacted following a complaint by an offended party about a poem he shared on social media which was deemed transphobic. The officer explained that, although not illegal, this nevertheless qualified as a ‘non-crime hate incident’.
Why, Miller asked, was the unnamed complainant described as a ‘victim’ if no crime had been committed? More to the point, why was he being investigated at all?
To which came that ominous response: ‘We need to check your thinking.’

So we’re all clear, this happened in Britishland, where the fuzz (I prefer the British term “filth”, myself) have been playing reindeer games like this:

Now I’m not one to advocate violence against the pigs (such as these);  I don’t believe in firebombing cop cars, or ambushing police officers, or anything like that.

But I would be hard-pressed to condemn an action where some free-speech-advocating malcontent might put a couple rounds of birdshot through this sign — as long as there weren’t any cops standing around, and nobody was hurt, or anything.

Note to the fascist Wokistas on this side of The Pond:  don’t even think about it [sic].  And if any of the local fuzz ever accuse me of an “offense” like this, they’d better have the relevant statute ready to quote, along with a large number of other cops.

I need to cut down my morning intake of gin, but bullshit like this doesn’t help.

Monday Funnies

Egads!  it’s Monday…

as long as they’re low-fat (the nudists, not the waffles)

So, to help you on your way into the week:

And when those sidebar ads just can’t be tolerated anymore:

I don’t care what you say, that’s pure genius (says the guy who has taped his laptop’s power cord into place, and covered his impossible-to-disable touchpad with thick cardboard).


And still on those nether regions:

and as this piece is useless wifout pichurs:

Never mess with South African chicks… they are as tough as old biltong, and they take shit from nobody.

Now try to get that picture out of your mind as you make the weekly supermarket trip.