1. Remember – oil and gas bad. Freezing in the dark good. Getting ready to fire up my polluting chain saw to throw a few more polluting logs into my polluting fireplace.

  2. It’s like camping!

    With the power outages around here, we have people getting hypothermia. Not because they’re outside but because there inside have no heat, no stove, no hot water.

    And we have a nanny stater judge, Clay Jenkins, decreeing Carter era edicts. One of which is to keep our thermostat at 68°. Another helpful tip I’ve heard was to turn off unused electronic devices. Now those things that are using less power than a light bulb? yeah, those.

    One would think at the end of all this, there’d be some serious conversations about power generation and distribution around here. Right.

    One things for sure, in late spring when nobody’s paying attention I’m going to gobble up a generator.

  3. What a frick’n mess this Texas Power Outage crap is, I had friends in the DFW area who went days without power, one good friend finally got the power on late last night and it thawed out his pipes enough to flood his kitchen. I don’t think he had the drippy thing going like I do with my faucets. Another good buddy lives right up the road in a big gated community on the North side of Kerrville and he and his wife were without power for a couple of days and at the end of day one they ran out of water because the community water tank that takes care of over a hundred houses did not have a back up generator for the pump, now they have power back on but the pump evidently got screwed up with power surges. So they are kind of screwed, they do have rain water barrels, 500 gallons each that they can use to flush their toilets, refilling with a garden hose but they are going to have to get a lot more drinking water with no idea when the community pump will be repaired.

    Meanwhile we were feeling real good until our power went out between 3 and 4 in the morning and did not come back on until almost noon. Eight hours without power and we were about ready to go over to our daughter’s home, she lives three miles from us and she had power. I also have a generator I was going to hook up for my refrigerator if the power stayed off all day but thank goodness it came back on. Holy Crap I do like living with electricity and all of the electric stuff, our whole neighbor hood is all electric and I wish it was not.

    Maybe this will be a wake up call, come to Jesus moment for Texans and we will get our coal burning plants back on line and forget about those ugly windmills.

  4. Don’t trust grid. Grid is Asshoe.

    Seriously, people, you need back up. Probably several backups. It is only going to get worse.

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