Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

Oh man… when this is the outcome, you just have to read the article (and watch the video):

Seconds after police pulled up, the man attacked a female officer, striking her twice with a screwdriver. Most everyone on the scene then shot Payton 14 times.

And quit that sniggering.

snigger (v.) — the snort of laughter you make when some dumbass Black guy gets shot while committing a felony.


  1. I trust that because he thought that the attendees were not armed they got an A grade on the course?

  2. “Most everyone on the scene shot shot Payton 14 times” I know what was meant by that, but could all the shooters each have shot him 14 times? Maybe, if they had the magazine capacity.
    Just when the poor fellow was turning his life around, too.

    1. I certainly hope each one did. After all, they were not cops, and they were in a gun store taking a class.

  3. I’m still sniggering over your definition of sniggering, for which the Social Justice Warriors will torture you with excited squeaking sounds, were they ever to read your blog, which they won’t, and for their attention span of about an hour.

    1. Well, this is an award-winning post. It is both a story with a happy ending, and a joke that is also a slam against the extra sensitive Social Justice Winers, who famously, many long years ago, got their panties all in a wad over the word, “Niggardly”, which is derived from proto-Swedish, not American Southern insults.

  4. It iz to laff. But remains mind boggling on so many levels. Attempted murder/assault/robbery on a cop in 2017. What in the Ilhan Omar was he doing out?

  5. Almost as good as the subject of the article is the cookie policy of the linked site:

    “So the dumbasses in the EU do not get their panties in a bunch, I should add this cookie warning thing to let you know eeeevil cookies are being used for the blog.
    I could actually use some Snickerdoodles, but I am on a diet so the wife forbids it.
    Just click OK and get this crap over with. And the next asshole that says we should be like Europe, gets a ban and a shoe enema.
    Cookie Policy (On a diet)”

  6. I’m glad I’m not the owner of that white pickup truck. It was probably totaled by the OTHER fourteen rounds.

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