Monday Funnies

I’ve got those “can’t-make-it-to-the-kitchen-for-my-Monday-morning-coffee”  blues…

So to wake us all up, a few things to laff at:

(that’s a fake post, but I bet they wanted to say that)

An off-the-cuff communication, with an inscrutable signature:

And still in the corporate world:

And a sign that really should be unnecessary, but no doubt there’s a good reason:


…although I would say that’s every day, myself.  And on a related topic:

(For my non-Hispanic Readers, “vato” means “dude”, and “pendejo” — in this circumstance — means “dumbass”.)

Update:  Power failure last night so I didn’t finish this post.  So just to round it all off:


  1. Here at the ghost compound the day to load magazines is the day they arrive. What good is an unloaded mag? All available mags are already loaded. Again, why not?

    Ammo must be stored, so what better way than in a magazine?

  2. Kim,
    Thought you would get a kick out of this headline from Bongino Report
    “Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee Hires Former Gang Member Who Shot Two People for Top Post”

    I wonder who he shot to get the Top Post?

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