Every so often, something is said or written that deserves to be memorialized in stone.  Since the start of the new millennium, I’ve identified two — one from each decade — that I think are the best.

2001 – 2010:  “Democracy — Whisky — Sexy”  (Iraq)
There is no better encapsulation of the benefits of Western society.

2011 – 2020:  “Don’t Trust China — China Is Asshole”  (Hong Kong)
Six words that can (and should) direct U.S. foreign and domestic policy, forever.

That both were written on signs displayed by foreigners means that we need to up our game.


  1. I didn’t know coffee had such erotic powers.

    Reckon it’s time to make a pot.

    I’m 63 years old and complained to my doctor that sometimes I’ll go 30 – 45 minutes without a HO.

    He told me I’m okay for the present.

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