Department Of Righteous Shootings

Seems like this asshole  I mean suspected asshole was in the habit of beating his wife, so in the end she fled to a relative’s house for sanctuary.  Abusive Hubby didn’t take to this idea, so he kicked down Kind Relative’s door and rampaged into the house.

Whereupon Kind Relative became Not-So-Kind Relative, and shot Abusive Hubby dead.

[pause to let the cheers and applause die down]

Details here, but you got most of them.  It’s Floriduh, so unless there’s more to the story, the cops won’t do anything untoward.

Oh, and it turns out that The Late was using a .380 ACP pistol, but Our Hero was either using something bigger, or else was a better shot.

Range time…


    1. Yeah, the Pasco County Sheriff is a solid guy. I would be very surprised if any charges were filed.

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