Stay And Suffer

This is getting out of hand.

Due to increasingly squalid conditions on the Upper West Side, including two new homeless shelters packed with junkies and registered sex offenders, longtime dwellers are departing the Big Apple with no plans to ever return.

Okay, that’s good for at least a semi-Schadenboner — liberal assholes reaping the fruits of their voting record.  Here’s an example:

One of the Escape from New Yorkers is Elizabeth Carr, one of the area’s most vocal leaders in combating mounting crime in the well-heeled ‘hood. She was an administrator of the Facebook group NYC Moms for Safer Streets, and the face of a public-safety movement that has attracted thousands to demand better policing and city services.

But a little Faecesbook group isn’t strong enough to overcome all the insane socialist policy and government from the likes of Hizzoner Di Blasio, so:

She said she started planning to move before the COVID crisis and recent neighborhood developments, but officially put down stakes Sunday in North Carolina with her finance husband and three kids under 7.

Wait, what?  North Carolina?  What’s wrong with Connecticut, or Rhode Island, or New Jersey?  Oh yeah, I forgot.  All those Yankee places are just as bad as New York fucking City.

So this Upper-East-Side family (no prizes for guessing how they voted in 2016) are leaving the NYC Sinking Ship and moving to North Carolina (as so many seem to be doing), where no doubt they’ll keep voting for Democrats and similar filth just as their fellow refugees do.

And North Carolina will go from Conservative Red to Poxy Purple to Deep Blue inside a single generation.



  1. They bring their poison with them, they shouldn’t be allowed to vote for 5 years after moving from NY, NJ, IL, CA. The flee to red states and then turn them purple or blue which just means they are the virus.

  2. Mrs D and I had planned to retire to North Carolina, but changes in circumstances sent us to PA instead. The housing market in PA has become a sellers market due to people fleeing NY and NJ, with houses selling well above normal asking prices, considering that when we bought our house a little over a year ago it was a definite buyers market.

    From above: “She was an administrator of the Facebook group NYC Moms for Safer Streets, and the face of a public-safety movement that has attracted thousands to demand better policing and city services.” How much do you want to bet that “Safer Streets” included advocating bans on those eeeevil guns. How did that work for you when Blue Flu hit?

  3. NC isn’t Deep Blue until the governor and both state houses are consistently Democrat. But I can see that coming.

  4. They were supposed to put a fence around Chapel Hill! Doesn’t anyone at any level of government believe in good fences making good neighbors anymore?

  5. Here in Virginia, the Yankee cancer plague has spread south from DC 50 miles to Fredericksburg. What used to be a charming small town is now an overbuilt eyesore of overpriced anthill apartments and McMansions providing bedrooms for people who commute 50+ miles to the DC Swamp. It’s a de facto suburb of DC.
    The roaches and locusts brought their voting with them, and now the governor, lt. governor, attorney general and both houses of the legislature are Dem, pro tax, pro abortion, and virulently anti-gun.
    A big part of that Rep to Dem turnover has been not only comeheres voting, but tons of out of state money from the Soros and Steyer leviathan.
    I’m ready for an amendment to the Constitution that says only natural born citizens of the Commonwealth can hold statewide elective office, and that campaign contributions may come only from residents of the jurisdiction up for election.

    1. “Don’t Californicate Colorado” bumper stickers were popular here back in the Seventies. Well, it has since happened. And the newcomers are so effing smug about it.

  6. Peaceful First Amendment rioting continues, and worsens, in Portland. Seattle long ago raised the chicken shit white Antifa flag months ago, and now it has finally occurred to the politicians that a:) nothing they could possibly ever do, no money they could save or spend, is going to change the whining of the Leftist, basement dwelling, snowflakes, and b:) it’s time for the Demorats at all levels to abandon ship. We see it now, the Blue Stater citizens are bailing out and voting with their SUV’s. There is no more benefit for politicians to be sucking up to higher levels of corrupt, anti-America politicians and celebrities, and the above mentioned whinybabies are now coming to get them. Chicago decided (too late, it seems,) to raise the bridges. Sadly, Antifa looters are already inside the holy gates, and the accumulated treasures of Lake Shore Drive are now in grave danger.

    We can all continue to add to this list of shame. Cities and states ruled by their Demorat overlords, all plunging into lawless destruction, are now realizing that while they’ll never admit it, what they should have done the first or second day of their particular troubles, was apply the Richard Daley Solution. Kick ass, take names, crack heads, and lock up everyone you can catch on the streets past curfew.

    Declare Martial Law, and when the Snowflakes start whining about their “rights,” remind them that they have no rights while they’re looting, burning, and killing. Should the sun rise some morning in Portland, Saint Louis, Austin, (name the city,) on lines of arrestees, bloody and bandaged, awaiting arraignment, how many Antifa Peace Looters do you suppose will be breaking windows or setting dumpster fires the following night?

    This type of “stomp-and-drag” law enforcement should be extended to the offices of government prosecutors who decide in their cosmic-level stupidity to reduce or erase bail, or refuse to charge the lawless at all. Wouldn’t want to hurt their feelings. And I would extend this martial law attention to the courts that blindly rule against the Constitution and for touchy-feely niceness.

    Is it too late to reverse this national nosedive when it comes to law enforcement? No, maybe not, but every day that we, as a nation, allow this insanity to continue, the harder it will be to control it, and the longer it will take to repair the serious damage that’s being done.

  7. They voted for all those liberal commie bastards, now they should be forced to live
    in the communist hellhole they have helped to create.

  8. As much as I have enjoyed watching these liberal cesspools cave in under their own weight, I have a fear that many of their residents will move to Nashville.

    Not that I live there, but I am a Tennessean and they are attracted to Nashville like flies to honey.

    1. Yep, Nashville just gets worse, year after year. It hasn’t been a part of Tennessee since at least the early ‘90s, if not earlier.

  9. Several years ago, there was a forum in Austin which directed hate at all the incoming Californians — because they were far too conservative for Austin.
    Tells you all you need to know.

  10. Wait, elite Noo Yawkers don’t want to live next door to “junkies and registered sex offenders?”

    I thought “junkies and registered sex offenders” was pretty much a description of the Manhattan and Hollywood elite themselves?

    Actually, that’s not true now that I think about it. More like “Junkies and UN-registered sex offenders” (i.e. Woody Allen.)

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