News Roundup

With commentary so brief, I’m being sued by Fruit Of The Loom.

we all know that Arabs are thieves, but when they appropriate our Injun  Native American technology, that’s just beyond the pale.  Who do they think they are:  Chinese?

hate to break it to you, Mayor Lightweight, but Chicago is already the poster child for gun control.  Clearly, it’s working really well for you.

which is not even the most stupid thing she’s ever said — she defies satire.

yup, that’s going to appeal to their core fan base — assuming they still have one.

until next week.  Still, this seems to make sense (unlike most of the other shit).

I just wish this wasn’t satire.

why limit it to roadblocks?  Hit the gas pedal every time you see a group of black-clad assholes, to save the republic Use those man-killer pickup trucks, damn it.

Now some really BIG IMPORTANT news:

to be honest, that’s pretty much all she has.

And finally, for some light relief:

if this happened in the U.S., the deceased asshole’s family would no doubt be suing Stihl  for improper safety controls.


  1. I like a BIG breakfast (2 eggs over hard, 4 bacons, home fries (sausage gravy over the whole mess), wheat toast, strawberry jelly, orange juice, coffee) as much as the next guy but if I do that I ain’t worth a shit physically until late in the afternoon at the earliest. So I usually go very light early in the day so I can get up to speed and stay there. 10 years ago I stopped buying soft drinks cold turkey. Didn’t miss them at all. A year ago I took a sip off one and the carbonation dam near killed me. Has the carbonation always been that high? It also had a severe lack of flavor and what flavor it had was very “chemical” like. It was a Coke but the flavor was weerd and the carbonation unbearable, and I belched like a sailer for hours afterward. And that was just from one sip.

  2. I actually didn’t realize the AOC piece was satire at first. Imagine having the job of writing satire about her, you’d have to go SO over-the-top (like what you linked) and it would STILL be believable.

    Insty calls The Babylon Bee America’s Newspaper of Record, it’s amazing how many of the things they put out actually come to pass.

    1. Just give AOC a week or two, she’ll put out (Ms Harris, too), especially for the Communist powers that be.

  3. Say what like about her lack of acting ability or her skinniness, Ms. Pfeiffer is among the handful of actresses that, when they are on the screen, you cannot take your eyes off them. In that same company are Grace Kelly, Ava Gardner, Deneuve, and Charlize Theron. Most of those are far out, by the way, on the hot-crazy chart. Perhaps it’s a requirement.
    There’s nothing redeeming about the movie Scarface, except for Pfeiffer in her little, clingy dress. Oh, boy.

  4. Kim dear,

    I clicked your FruitOfTheLoom link.
    Now, I need some help.
    What does her label say?

  5. Banning on-field anthem singers…..
    Great news, most of those with that gig are more poseur than singer.

    1. I agree. Most of the pop singers who perform it just have to “personalize” The Star-Spangled Banner to the point of musical butchery.

  6. Re: Michelle Pfeiffer. That’s not cleavage. Someone needs to call Dr. Pimple Popper.

  7. Well Kim, if all Michelle Pfeiffer has is cleavage, I must say, “that’s a hand full. …. Hmm, wouldn’t mind. ….But my wife would object. … Still, that’s a nice couple of hand fulls.”

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