News Roundup

All the news that’s fit to ridicule, like this idiot(Hint:  it’s not the fake tits you should be regretting as much as those foul tattoos.)

because the New York Times, CNN/ABC/CBS/CNBC, the Washington Post and the L.A. Times are always prepared to showcase both liberal and conservative viewpoints.

LOL Biden could pick Giggles The Girl-Clown as his VP, and he’d still lose in a landslide.

because lions don’t care about things like “exclusivity” when it comes to menu choices.  Africa Wins Again.

so refuse to pay the fine, get sent to jail and then sue to get released immediately because of the Chinkvirus risk.  Piece of cake.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and predict that this is not going to work.

because the Massachusetts courts have obviously nothing better to do than bother with shit like this.

my bad for thinking “Beverly Hills” meant that all the participants were WhitePay no attention;  that’s just my White privilege speaking.

no, it isn’t.  The only “catastrophe” is that parents are realizing how little their kids need government-managed schools in order to be educated.

wait, we’re not going to see the customary four presidential debates?  I feel cheated.

And finally:

good question, although I think the voters of Colorado, Michigan, Oregon, New York and Washington (to name but some) may have a few quibbles about that.

Also in the news:

Lady Gaga looks like a dog (okay, maybe that’s not really news, but whatever).


  1. Beverly Hills party – the cops should have let the thing run its course, then called the coroner. The world would be a better place for that. And that “house?” What an exercise in wasted space and bad taste! I’ve seen more pleasing space at airport concourses and warehouses.

    Remove Newsom? Nah, waste of time. If you remove Newsome, the Kali legislature and every Kali city council, you might be onto something.
    Look elsewhere for a removal that might actually trigger an improvement.

  2. Kim, your right about the Love Island bint. She should regret those tats as much as her fake tatas. You gotta wonder what’s going on in the heads of anyone who does so much body modification – plastic surgery + tattoos + piercings + God knows what else…

    Student sex ban? Someone doesn’t remember what it’s like being a teen away from home for the first time. How’re those bans on under-age drinking and using drugs working out?

    I haven’t watched a presidential debate in I don’t know how long. But if Biden and Trump debate even once I’m watching every minute! What single malt goes with pop corn? (Just kidding!)

    Poor dog. The owner of the thing must be as big an attention whore as Lady Gaga. Why hasn’t PETA gone after breeders of ugly dogs? Shitzoos (intentional misspelling), Chihuahuas, Pugs, Dachshunds what kind of human would do that to an animal? And any breed called Toy. Animals are not toys. No, PETA would rather turn us all into a bunch of bloody vegans…. I’m off to cook a burger for lunch

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