1. Ref. those pickup front-ends:

    If memory serves, those tall, flat front ends arose in significant part because of Government mandates for pedestrian safety.
    So I find it quite deliciously ironic that people who want more Government in their lives are griping about a follow-on effect of…more Government in people’s lives.

  2. I still miss my ’90 Dodge W250 “farm implement”. I’d love to get hold of a pristine 3/4 ton Cummins Ram from just before they went to electronic controls and the diesel piss tank (DEF); the new trucks are nice but I don’t want to deal with all the EPA mandated crap on the current engines.

    I think Andrew E. is right about the front end design; the heavy chrome bumper on the ’90 would have cracked the legs/ankles of a jaywalker pretty badly; the new ones would spread the impact a lot more.

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