News Roundup

Not much to see today, unlike here.  Still:

to which I say, fukkem.  But right on cue:

of course, it was New York.

and fuck you, too, asshole.  Wait till I do something like this:

it ain’t gonna be pretty.

which can easily be fixed by some activities which include MOABs and daisycutter bombs.

also Scorpios, unicorn rodeo riders and men named Fred.  JHC, what a load of bullshit.

but the only newsworthy part of this story is that he wasn’t Indian (dot-head variety), or Chinese.

but I should remind everyone that Southside Chicago votes overwhelmingly Democrat, so they got what they voted for, good and hard.

and while Britain breathes a sigh of relief, I can start making plans to go back Over There again.

And finally:

and Governor Death Eater Cuomo’ s decision to house Chinkvirus patients in New York nursing homes was just as spectacularly wrong.


  1. Gotta laugh right out loud about these nitwits getting all up on their hindlegs over all this mandatory face mask stuff. For years businesses have been demanding people that enter their establishment to not smoke, no open containers, no shirts, no shoes, no service stuff but when it comes to masks they turn into little bitches thinking they get to dictate what others do. Look, if you don’t like what a business requires of you, LEAVE! Why in the world would any sane person want to reward a business that offends them by giving them their money? If I went to a business that had a sign that said, “White doods need to suck the business owners BBD before entering said store.”, what am I gonna do, stand there and protest that insane idiots behavior? I’m in my senior years, I’m going down the other side of the life slope, and I have little times to waste on petty little silliness. I believe in the free market – run your business as you see fit and I’ll do business with you as I see fit. Simple.

  2. I don’t get all the people trying to refuse to wear masks in stores. Like ghostsniper said, we wear shoes and shirts without a word of protest. If folks are truly “conservative” – for whatever that word is worth anymore – we should recognize we’re on private property and comply, regardless of whether the business owner is doing it because he’s required to do it by law or not. I feel the same way about this that I do with businesses with “No Guns” signs – I disagree, but I respect that it’s your property, and I’m choosing to be there, so I respect your rules and comply if I make that choice to enter. I’ll most likely take my business elsewhere, though. And carrying, to me, is a hell of a lot more fundamental of a right to give up than wearing a mask during a pandemic.

  3. “I’m going down the other side of the life slope.”

    Ya know how when you’re on a REALLY great roller coaster, you have that long, slow, noisy, haul to the top of the first hill, then when you crest the top it’s damn-near straight down? Then you have many smaller hills and drops, twists and turns, maybe you go upside down or through numerous loops? That’s what Life in the last act is. And it’s even more exciting when you’re depending on Medicare and Social Security!

  4. Rules: They have their principles, and I have mine.
    When a conflict arises, I choose to take my money elsewhere.

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