In my post yesterday about the new FNugly plastic pistols, I made reference to revolvers looking like real guns, at least.

What I should have done was add a few revolver pics, because as we all know, pictures of guns are what this website is all about good for the soul:

And yes, I have owned all the above, and more, during my lifetime.  Tragically, as Longtime Readers know full well, all were lost in The Great Canoeing Accident On The Brazos River several years ago.

But all of them, even the rimfire revolvers, look more like real guns than the FNuglies.


  1. That GP100, fifth picture from the bottom, has to be one of the prettiest Rugers I’ve ever seen. I actually did a double-take as I scrolled thru.

    I always considered the GP100 to be in the ugly-but-functional category, the one you have for what it DOES, not how it LOOKS (get your mind out of the gutter). But that graphite finish with the black grips and wood inserts, woof. Mind you, I’m USED to pretty Colts and Smiths, even the older Rugers, just damn!

  2. The High-Power is about the last good-looking handgun out of FN.
    But, times change. If they have enough buyers to support what they’re trying to sell now….
    good for ’em.

  3. My Hi Power, Beretta 70S, Custom 1911s, Hi Standard Citation, all are good looking autoloaders. My Sigs, 226 & 229 are definitely not good looking. Functional yes, pretty, NO.
    But when it comes to fun to shoot, easy on the eye, the 4″ S&W Model 15 and the 640 are just great fun.
    Accurate and easy shooting.
    BUT, when it comes to good looking, the Colt 1873 Frontier model, blackpowder frame, 1851 Navy, S&W first model ‘Baby Russian’, model 1 1/2 second issue hanging on my wall right next to my keyboard have it all. (My grateful thanks to my grandfather for collecting these and many others 80 ~ 90 years ago.)

  4. Heck, even the Ruger LCR, polymer grip frame & all, still looks like a normal revolver. BTW, I’m seriously looking at buying one in .327 as a compact carry gun.

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