Dead But Not Forgotten, Alas

Oh fer gawd’s sake.  Here we go with the John McCain Image Rehabilitation Project:

Cindy McCain marked the one-year anniversary of her husband John McCain’s death with a string of rebukes to Donald Trump and his leadership of the Republican Party.
She told ABC News there is no one in the GOP to carry on her husband’s mantle and be a ‘voice of reason’ for the Republican Party.

I have great respect for the fact that she’s McCain’s widow and therefore loyal to his memory.  Unfortunately, my memories of her late husband are not so rosy, e.g. when he had the deciding vote on legislation which would have killed ObamaCare, he voted against it, thus:


I will also never forgive nor forget the many times McCain stabbed Republicans in the back — including especially Bush 43, to whom he had lost in the 2000 primaries — simply so that he could curry favor with the fucking Democrats and the media [lots of overlap].

The hell with him, and  his nonexistent “voice of reason”.  “Spiteful” describes the late senator from Arizona better than any other adjective.  (Feel free to add your  suggested adjectives in Comments.)


  1. John McCain a voice of reason? He was a spiteful, self-serving, low-level politician who was out for what was good for John McCain and no others. Ask where our health care would be now had Johnny not thrown his midnight tantrum and screwed the whole nation.

    He is dead now, and most of us just wish everyone would let him rest, leaving us in peace.

    1. There’s something seriously wrong with a “system” that allows one person to fuck over 320 million people like that. A system I want no part of.

  2. “She told ABC News there is no one in the GOP to carry on her husband’s mantle ”

    For which, of course, we are all extremely grateful. May he rot in pieces.

  3. “Spiteful”
    Kim: you’re being very kind.
    I’d piss on his grave as well, but I just can’t stand in line that long.

  4. I have the greatest respect for his service and the time he spent in the Hanoi Hilton.

    For his time in the Senate, let’s just say if I ever get to Arlington again I’ll leave something on his grave that won’t be flowers.

    It’s amazing to me that many Liberals I know believe Sarah Palin cost him the election, when the reality is she’s the only reason that friggin’ RINO got as many votes as he did.

    1. He’s not at Arlington; he’s buried on the Naval Academy grounds. And knowing the Navy like I do, I’m sure there’s some plebe standing watch over his grave 24/7 to make sure none of us can “render honors”.

      The nicest thing I can say about him is that he was a sorry excuse for a Naval Officer. As for his time at the Hanoi Hilton, he ran that well dry decades ago.

  5. I met him once, and was struck by just how sanctimoniously self-righteous he was. I was not impressed.

  6. I think his appearance on Parks and Rec probably sums up how many conservatives felt about John McCain. Thanks for your service Senator. Mrs. McCain, as brave as your husband was, it isn’t like he was a voice of reason. A voice of capitulation? Yes. A voice of pandering to the other side? Yes. But hardly a reasoned voice standing to protect a conservative view of politics. A voice far more concerned with how he was viewed on the editorial page of the New York Times than by talk radio.

  7. Local broadcasters are treating his birthday and the anniversary of his passing as some sort of religious holy day. His reputation is what it is. Given a choice, most folks out here would rather talk about the heat, for which there is noticeably more respect.

  8. What an odious individual.

    He was a miserable Senator for decades – against most things I am for and vice versa.

    Cindy McCain wore a $300,000 dress to the GOP Convention the night he accepted the nomination.

    He didn’t remember how many houses they owned, including a $7,000,000 villa on Lake Como in Italy.

    And don’t even get me started on that corpulent daughter of theirs who spews her banal thoughts on The View every afternoon with the other 4 Godless wenches.

    A pox on the whole family.

  9. Had he resigned the Senate for his role in the Keating 5 affair, I’d be inclined to have a neutral opinion of the guy, giving him credit for his military service. That’s as far as I’ll go.

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