News Update

Thome pithy commenth about the newth of the day.

1)  Apparently, Commie-In-Chief Nancy Pelosi wants to see President Trump in prison.  — yeah, well I want to see Red Nancy dangling from a lamp post — her, and all the other socialists in Congress So we’ll call it even.

2)   “Why Have the Revered Crocodiles of This Island Nation Suddenly Started Killing People?” —  because they’re fucking crocodiles, and that’s what crocs do?  I’m not even a zoologist, and I can answer that one.  (No link because NY fucking Times)

3)  Amazon Turns To Snitching –and–  Amazon Sending Out The Dronesand if we find out that the two activities are in any way linked, we’re going to need a LOT more shotgun ammo.

4)  Gypsies Take Over Villagenever an errant MOAB when you need one.  (Mr. TrueBrit disagrees with me, says  he wants Vietnam-style napalm carpet-bombing, for maximum suffering.  I like the way he thinks.)

5)  Woman Bites Off Would-Be Rapist’s Tongue(I’d like to comment, but I’m paralyzed with laughter)

6)  Austrian Cops Kick The Shit Out Of Greenie Scumand inexplicably, some people are upset by this.  My only quibble is that they didn’t give climate-scold kiddie Greta Thunberg a new parting for her hair.

7)  Africa Wins Again — anyone have an idea of how much meat a dozen lions can eat?


  1. A news update for you here, Kim.

    Collector’s Firearms Summer Sale is TODAY. Entire store, 20% off or better.

    Including, yes, on their website.

    Me, I’m about to jump in the car and make the drive to the store. It’s a pilgrimage.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  2. More #3.

    Like the 10 GA mentioned above. I have been mulling over a double barrel muzzle loader, then taking a hint from the days of sailing ships of the line. Crimp multiple lead split shot onto music wire. Mini chain shot. Cloud of black power smoke conceals your escape route.

  3. I’ve still got one in 12g, a bit unwieldy unless you’re resting it on a fence.

  4. The Appleby Horse Fair has been going since 1775 in form or another. Wikipedia has a quite informative article on it.

  5. #3 Begs the question as to the best shot size and choke to use for drones. I once attempted to shoot something called ZZ birds (Electrocibles on the continent) A target launched from a spinning launcher that has wings and a center that must be knocked out inside a ring to count. I Imagine shooting drones would be similar. The referee told me that most pros use #6 shot and the tightest choke they can find.
    Very difficult, likened to live pigeons. Naturally I had smaller shot and no full choke, so I missed. (OK thats my excuse). Might be good practice for shooting drones.

  6. When the drone sets the package down, be standing next to it and *grab* it.
    After they lose a few thousand of them they’ll reconsider their business model.
    I personally don’t believe wide scale drone delivery will be a thing in my lifetime as I see unlimited hurdles to over come.

    **Grab it from your neighbors house, mount a lightweight home made grenade to it and let it return to base.

  7. Re #4: “I love the smell of Napalm in the morning. It smells like … victory.”

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