The Danish Solution

I’ve spoken before about how Denmark, surely the most tolerant of countries, has decided to reinforce their traditional Scandi-values on the immigrant population they’ve allowed into their country.  Chief among these, of course, is the little 17-acre island where they’re going to be dumping the ingrates (i.e. criminals) amongst said groups:

Remote, not easily reachable or escapable… sounds a little like Alcatraz, dunnit?  Which is indeed the title of the linked article.

As I was reading the piece, I couldn’t help thinking that the Danes are onto a good thing — which, inevitably, led me into thinking about a similar solution on this side of the Atlantic.

Granted, our little criminal-immigrant problem is somewhat larger than Denmark’s, but then again, we have Catalina Island — all 75 square miles  of it, which could surely be put to better use than it is now.

Considering that California is in large part responsible for a lot of our current immigration problem, I see no reason why the .fedgov shouldn’t ummmm appropriate this real estate, kick out the rich farts and hippies who currently infest the place (most of whom, I suspect, support untrammeled immigration), and dump all the malcontent immigrants (of whatever origin) onto its admittedly-pretty shores.

Then mine the waters around it.


  1. Kim,
    Your idea is a good one, but may I humbly suggest Noman’s Land – a small island near Martha’s Vineyard. You wouldn’t have to mine it . . . you see, Noman’s is a (retired) US Navy live-fire test range. The little island, complete with airstrip, is LITTERED with unexploded bombs, missiles and artillery rounds. And the waters around the island? About as treacherous as those around Alcatraz. Oh, and in the summer — GREAT WHITE SHARKS. Big ones. Sharks in excess of twelve feet are common.

    1. Embrace the power of “and”.

      Why spend the resources to transport the east coast catch to the west coast?

  2. Why kick out the rich farts and hippies? I’m sure they’re inclusive enough to share their space with los banditos fritos.

  3. Can’t even remember what I was going to say after reading both the above comments. They nailed it for me. While I like the shark/mine idea, using Catalina and leaving the rich/hippies there to “share” seems like a great idea to me.

  4. If their presence warrants expulsion to remote areas, why not make the remote areas REALLY remote? Like, back where they came from?

    But then, if they are just let back in again over and over what’s the point?

    What this country needs is a battalion (1000) of 20-30 somethings ex-military men,
    roaming vigilantes, acting as shop-vacs all over the country. Find em, boat em 50 miles out into the ocean, install concrete socks, then right over the side.

  5. Nope, that is too nice a piece of real estate. It would be expensive to mine the area. I suggest a chunk of land that the U.S. Gov already owns. Go East of Point Hope, Alaska about 50 miles. Plenty of land for expansion. Issue light clothing and sandals. If they escape, who cares. In the Winter they would freeze in the good weather the mosquitoes would suck them dry.

  6. San Clemente island is a bit farther away and is already a military training site, including a live-fire target range.

    1. I had a similar thought WRT San Nicholas Island. Which happens to be a SEAL live-fire training facility. 🙂

      1. IIRC San Nicholas has a USCG nav facility + USN (and an airstrip) and is nowhere near as big as San Clemente Island, which has tons and tons of unexploded ordinance as the Navy has been rearranging the landscape since WW-1!
        Also, the ‘internees’ could provide a valuable service ecologically, by catching and eating the goats (a non-native invasive species) that are on the island reproducing faster than the Goo-Goo’s can catch and relocated them.

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