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From Bearing Arms:

[T]he idea of passing a law that won’t likely be enforced through most of the state strikes me as completely stupid.
Then again, this is gun control we’re talking about, so stupid is a given.

From my experience most police departments in New Mexico (the “African” state, as Doc Russia calls it) don’t bother enforcing a whole bunch of laws, not just this bullshit.


  1. New laws that counter old laws are not laws at all and the people that create the new laws should be incarcerated for their own well being due to extreme mental deficiency and abuse to other citizens and waste of taxpayer stolen money.

  2. Like many other laws, it may not be enforced directly, but once you’re arrested for something else it becomes just one more thing in the long list of charges they’ll heap onto your head. And like all the others, it’ll be one more law they’ll use as leverage to get you to compliantly plead to a lesser charge rather than face them in a court of law. The prosecution will recommend a plea deal, your lawyer will recommend you take it, and you’ll look at your family, your financial situation, and decide to take it regardless of actual guilt or innocence. We live in a police state with selective enforcement.

  3. Or as the late Frank Zappa said, “The United States is a nation of laws, badly written and randomly enforced.”

  4. A great majority of the Sheriffs in Colorado did the same thing several years ago that New Mexico’s Sheriffs have just done. Rest assured that neither the legislators nor the electorate will slow down on new laws that make law abiding citizens criminals. We just elected a new California governor (formerly in the House of Representatives here) and also lost the Senate to the left. Now, Democrats have it all and they have already started, A.O.C. types of initiatives. One of the first things the new legislature did was to shoot down anti-gun initiatives passed during the last governor’s administration proposed by the Republican minority. Welcome to Colofornia.

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