1. Brilliant move by the Russians. In a sane world, other countries would be competing for these productive people.

  2. My Grandmothers family immigrated to Russia from Germany in the 1700s. Russians have never been very good at farming and the Germans know how to work the land correctly. Luckily they wised up and came to America.

  3. I would die a happy man if President Trump sent the military down to the border to stop the horde from getting anywhere close to Texas.

    And on the same day welcomed these S African farmers.

    The popping sounds you’d be hearing would be REgressive heads exploding across the nation.

  4. Wouldn’t it be nice if some articulate and well written gent drafted a petition to be posted on the White House webpage seeking expedited immigration/refugee status for any and all Sefrican Boers on the grounds that they’re being persecuted and in danger of violence under the current S.A. political regime?

    I’d love to see a few hundred thousand Boers resettled in the US, just the sort of infusion of fresh blood we could use.

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