Viking Spirit

As we all know, Danes once formed part of the dreaded Viking group of raiders who held most of Western Europe in a grip of terror:  killing innocent people, rape, pillage, sacking monasteries etc.  In the past century or so, however, the Danes had become totally wussy, with a soft social tolerance of all things which would otherwise be beyond the pale in any ordered society.

Well, it seems like you can only push these particular Norsemen so far before they start getting twitchy:

So why is Denmark banning the burka and threatening to end benefits for migrants whose children don’t integrate?
Across the country, 21 other [ghettoes] with high crime rates, soaring unemployment and more than 50 per cent non-Western residents… are due to be ‘eradicated’ by 2030, following the introduction of controversial laws aimed at protecting ‘Danishness’ and ridding the country of so-called ‘parallel’ societies.
Later this year, legislation will force all families living in these ghettos to send their toddlers, as young as one year old, to approved day centres to learn the Danish language and Danish values.
The children will have to complete 25 hours of compulsory state education and, while the primary focus will be on language skills and learning, the plan is to educate the mainly Muslim children in the Danish way of life, as well as to give instruction on religious holidays, Christmas and Easter, and their importance in the Christian calendar.

I’m going to pause right now, to allow the cheers and applause to die down.  (I bet His Rottieness The Emperor Misha — who is Danish — is cheering his head off.)

There’s nothing “controversial” about this legislation at all.  The primary responsibility that all immigrants should assume when arriving in their host country is to assimilate and acculturate — even if only for gratitude’s sake.  The fact that the (primarily Muslim) newcomers in Denmark (and in other European countries) have not done so is reprehensible, and the Danish government is quite justified in saying “Assimilate or we’ll end the benefits which we so readily grant you when you arrive here.”

Good for them, say I.  And if these assholes dig their heels in and refuse to obey the law, then Denmark should deport all of them  — including their Danish-born children — back to their home countries.  I’m so sick of newcomers insisting that the hosts should change rather than they themselves.

In fact, this is such a good idea that I think I’m going to write to TexGov Jim Greg Abbott and suggest that we copy the Danish program here for all immigrants, but especially for Mexicans and Californians.  (For the latter, we need a crash course on conservative values and another one on gun ownership, to name but two.)

We can start by removing all that Habla Español  bullshit on our official documents, because the official language of this country is English and if you come here, you have to learn it.

As the Danes would say:  it’s time to fit in or fuck off.


  1. This is going to be one of those news items that will be utterly ignored by the Left when they start going on about how great Socialism is in Scandinavia, isn’t it?

  2. Unfortunately there is no official language in the U.S. There had been a movement during the Constitutional Convention to have a clause which would have specified a language in which the business of government would be conducted, but Franklin and others pointed out that there was a fair chance it would have been German.
    There is an official U.S. English lobbying group which keeps trying. I’m a member and so, I think, should be most others here. Por los ninos.

  3. “Controversial.”

    They do believe in Magic, spells, and enchantment. Say the thing and it becomes truth.

    No wonder the Law of Attraction, Tony Robbins, Gabby Bernstein, and The Secret are so popular among them.

  4. Hurrah for the Danes, and I hope it works. But what if it doesn’t? We’re talking about Mohammedans, so 25 hours of Viking Head Start might have as much effect as prescribing aspirin to deal with gangrene. The cutting off benefits part I like, can’t even imagine benefits getting taken away from anyone over here, for any reason. At least they’re asserting themselves; perhaps the Swedes will begin to get the idea.

  5. The primary responsibility that all immigrants

    And there’s your problem, these aren’t “immigrants”, they’re “colonists”. Colonists don’t assimilate, they conquer (by one means or another) and over-write whatever was there before.

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