1. Best Rueben I ever had was ‘Lindy’s’ on Broadway NYC, I started to order one and my daughter ordered one too. The waitress was great, she told us they were so large we would only need one Rueben sandwich and that way we could have cheesecake. The is not much deli food here in the Texas Hill Country but Vegas is sure to have several great ones, after this cold winter season do your part and eat good sandwiches and help the global warm.

  2. I don’t expect any of the primo sandwich shops I used to frequent are still there or still definitely good. 27 years! So Kim, if you find a great shop, please post it; I’m hoping to get out there in the spring to visit my remaining relatives.

  3. The best sandwiches based on corned beef I have ever eaten in my life were in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The local Jewish community developed a slightly different style of cured beef brisked now called simply “Montreal Smoked Meat”.

    Then they added a bit of French flair to the sandwiches and voila.

    The damn Frogs are obnoxious idiots in some ways but they really are fantastic cooks.

  4. I regularly get a Ruben in a little bar in Brooklyn, NY, near where I work (I go there for lunch on Friday, my reward for not strangling anybody all week). They get their corned beef from a Jewish deli, some of the best corned beef I’ve ever had.

    People must have WAY too much time on their hands if they’re calculating the carbon footprint of a sandwich…..

  5. That’s a pretty puny looking Reuben, if you ask me.
    There’s a deli down the road that does one twice that thick (at least) for $5.99.
    Damn! And I just had spaghetti.

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