Stupid Shit

From my travels around Teh Intarwebz:

“What Wine Do You Drink With Fish Fingers?” (Daily Mail)

You don’t drink wine with fish fingers: it’s fucking kid’s food.

“Sushi warning as patient found with live worms writhing in gut” (Telegraph)

No kidding. You eat RAW FISH and wonder at the parasites. You morons (and that includes anyone who eats raw fish, btw; I don’t care how “cool” or “trendy” it is).

“In response to an alleged hate crime, students would like exam exemptions, a tuition freeze, and a new curriculum, just to name a few.” (Weekly Standard)

It’s called “letting the inmates run the asylum”, you academic assholes. (Actually, it gets worse, if you can imagine it. Read the whole article.)

Then from Over There:

“Germany Takes First Step Towards Legalizing Rape Committed By Muslim Men” (ROK)

Weapons-grade accommodationism from some German judge (who needs a month’s worth of daily scourging and/or hourly ball-kicking).


Ladies Day at Chester” (Daily Mail)

…and for once, it doesn’t look like a group of dockside totties during Fleet Week, simply class and elegance with just a couple examples of Train Smash Women. Maybe there’s hope for us yet… nah, that could only happen if:

“Freak Tsunami Submerges All Of Coastal California Under Two Hundred Feet Of Water” (The Daily Kim)

We can but hope.



  1. “What Wine Do You Drink With Fish Fingers?” (Daily Mail)

    Pinot noir. Drink the wine, dump the fish fingers in the bin.

    No kidding. You eat RAW FISH and wonder at the parasites. You morons (and that includes anyone who eats raw fish, btw; I don’t care how “cool” or “trendy” it is).

    All the American sushi fish has been flash frozen (a sort of cold pasteurization) to kill the parasites. In any event, I’m not eating it because it’s trendy or cool, I’m eating it because it’s delicious. That’s why I go to the sleepy place where the itamae knows what he’s doing, rather than the nightclub place that all teh Kewl Kids go to get some sloppy, shitty roll with jalapenos and jello and ranch dressing all over it.

    1. Agreed- there’s also the horror that is supermarket sushi.

      Of course, a lot of the places that serve good sushi also will usually serve good yakitori and tempura, so that’s also a temptation.

  2. I started eating this years ago when I used to go to Japan regularly. I prefer shashimi (without the rice ect.) but is is all good. Even my picky wife likes it.

    I eat bloody rare steaks too, same concept.

  3. “letting the inmates run the asylum”

    No, no, no, more optimism please, this is strong, smart ass students smacking gutless and weak willed administrators and professariat across their jiggling, weak jowls.

    Good for you kids, if they are such gutless shitweasels they deserve to be kicked in their little tiny testicles and taken advantage of repeatedly.

    “exam exemptions, a tuition freeze, and a new curriculum”, lovely, just lovely, unfortunately back in my student day, I’m the one who would have had my jowls clopped had I demanded my dream curriculum, “The 1400 independent Breweries of Germany”.

  4. Tuna plant charged after worker cooked to death

    Just another reason to eat only raw, sashimi-grade tuna. Were I to ever desecrate a good piece of tuna by cooking it, my Grandma Kuniko would rise from her grave and stab me with her 箸. That’s hashi, for those of you (like me) who don’t read kanji; chopsticks for the rest of you – which I’ve always thought would make for an excellent improvised stabbing weapon. Aspiring martial-arts flick screenwriters can thank me later by way of a percentage of the royalties.

    1. Well, Bruce Lee did use sharpened chopsticks as throwing weapons in That Movie Where He Fought Chuck Norris at the Colosseum.

      1. Interesting. I’ve never seen the movie; the physics of what you’ve described seem… improbable. I’ve dabbled with throwing knives, and have failed spectacularly – despite using weapons specifically designed to be to be thrown. Which is not meant to impugn whomever came up with the notion of Bruce Lee using chopsticks as projectiles in the fashion you’ve described – not quite what I had envisioned, so perhaps I may yet be entitled to some royalty bucks down the line…

  5. And let’s not forget carpaccio. I often chow down on my own bastardized slant-eyed version: thinly sliced beef briefly marinated in shoyu, ginger, worcestershire, (homemade) hot sauce, & pepper. Occasionally some sesame oil, depending on my mood. Served with hot rice & cold beer; with a cigar & a nice tall scotch & water for desert. I’m nothing if not multi-cultural.

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