Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

So you’re buying your kid a new pair of sneakers at this little shoe store in Nashville, when three goblins run in, shooting off their mouths and a gun or two.

Do you take a little time to make sure that the three miscreants aren’t perhaps raising money for their Boy Scout troop, or playing a little joke on the store owner?

Well, via Insty, not if you’re a man like this guy — who promptly takes a gun away from one of the goblins, then whacks one goblin, critically wounds a second, and wings the third (from all accounts). Given the odds against him, that all this happened in the space of a few seconds, and he had no prior warning of the attack, Our Hero is hereby presented with the Nation Of Riflemen Brass Balls Award (Bronze only; all three would have got him a Gold).

Dead Goblin count: 4

(With, we hope, at least one more to come from this incident.)


  1. Well, this certainly proves the “You don’t need to carry a gun; someone will just take it from you and shoot you with it” argument.

  2. It’s the feel good story of the spring, so far. No argument with the bronze. Re: crazyeighter’s remark – I’m having this argument with my 83 year old, only marginally ambulatory dad. He loves the late-edition Colt Detective Special I gifted him to commemorate the completion of his concealed carry classes. But his Libertarian contempt for The Man has discouraged him (thus far) from ponying up the the requisite state/local fees to secure the ccw permit. So he’s open carrying. Because it’s the law. Not carrying concealed. Because it’s the law. I vacillate between admiring his convictions, or grabbing him by the lapels and screaming WTF!!

  3. Good on this fellow. One reason I do TKD several time a week, although we do not do drills with a gun. We do sometimes work with knives.

    Still, firing till the threat is gone was probably not used in this case.

  4. Damelvian?


    Dame Lvian?

    Damelv Ian?

    You see people whose parents gave them names like that and you know they were doomed.

  5. Sounds more like a gang fight than an innocent customer taking charge. Gang A found Gang B gathered in the fancy-athletic-shoe store right before midnight and went in shooting.

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