First these fuckers wanted to take away our guns.

Now they’re after our trucks.

“As that chrome grille closed on me like a man-eating Norelco shaver, time slowed. It seemed I was watching myself from afar, being nimble for a man my age, darting from the path of a towering, limousine-black pickup with temporary plates, whose driver barely checked his pace.”

LOL.  And some people take this shit seriously.

And then the best part:

Now we have a grown man who saw a scary truck and thus wants to impose European neutering standards in order for him to feel protected.

Yeah, let’s have the Euroweenies tell us how to build pickup trucks:

You know, I’ve only ever owned one full-size pickup, a 2002 Ford F-150:

…and the only reason I sold it was because when I did the weekly fill-up of the F-150 and the Suburban, I could move the share price of Texaco a full point.

Now I don’t need a pickup truck anymore, but when I read bullshit like the above, I get a “Beto” reaction (when some asshole tells me I can’t have something, I want to go straight out and get one.)  I bet that truck sales are going to increase, just like the sales of AR-15s exploded after O’Rourke’s pronouncement.

After all, nobody needs one of these assault trucks, do they?

Liberals never learn.  Fucking morons.

Monday Funnies

So before the upcoming week kicks the shit out of you:

Here’s something to make last week’s scabs crack open and bleed:

Actually, that’s about average for most companies I’ve worked for…

And for something a little more cheerful, some other guys’ wives:


Random Beauties

While searching for a new “theme” for Sundays, I’ve happened upon some interesting features as I wander through the highways, byways and dirt roads of Teh Intarwebz.  So today I’m going to alternate, so to speak, between hot rods and hot women (hotties and totties) grouped by appearance or something, thus:

Debra Paget:

1939 Alvis Speed 25:

Helen Mirren:

1959 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud:

Kirsten Dunst: 

1959 Austin Healey Sprite: 

Laura Linney: 

1971 Lancia Fulvia HF:

Lucy Lawless:

1970 Corvette Stingray:

Katarina Witt:

1967 Ford Mustang:

Leryn Franco:

1936 Bugatti Atlantic: 

And one more pairing:

Lindsay Lohan:

1962 Fiat Jolly:

This is fun.  I think I’ll continue this theme for a while…

Caption Competition #138

No, you’re not seeing things, it is Saturday.  But somebody stole my Thursday, making me think that yesterday was Thursday instead of Friday, so now today you’re seeing Friday’s post on Saturday.

Everybody got that?

Now add your suggestions for this week’s pic in Comments:


Every so often I get it right.  A few years ago, Mr. Free Market decided that he wanted to go hunting in Africa — South Africa, as it happened — and asked me for any tips I might have which would make his trip more successful.

There’s not a whole lot I can tell Mr. FM about hunting — he’s an excellent shot, has hunted all over Europe and despite all his skill, he’s always willing to learn more, whether from his guides or from other hunters.  Needless to say, he’s a very successful hunter, as I’ve occasionally noted on these pages.

I thought about it for a while, and really had only two pieces of advice:

Use enough gun.  African game is unbelievably tough, and what would be a killing shot on a North American whitetail with a .30-06 will not anchor a similarly-sized antelope (e.g. blesbuck) on the African continent.  Even a tiny warthog, when whacked with a light cartridge like the .30-06, will run for over a quarter-mile before dying.  The very fact that a .30-06 is characterized as a “light” cartridge should be a warning.  I used to hunt with either .308 Win or 7mm Mauser, but if I was going to shoot anything large or dangerous, I used borrowed rifles in either .375 H&H or (only once, because owie) .458 Win Mag.
But Mr. FM had that covered, using a .375 H&H Magnum chambering which could handle pretty much anything short of elephant or rhino.

The next piece of advice had nothing to do with hunting.

Get a suntan before going over.  Nothing quite prepares you for the African sun, especially if you’re hunting at higher altitudes than a few hundred feet above sea level.  You would think that as you go higher, the weather becomes cooler;  no, it just gets less humid.  (Think:  Arizona high desert vs. South Texas Hill Country, only with Arizona about ten degrees hotter.)
And Mr. FM is a Brit, with the typical fair skin — not, thank gawd, the fish-belly white of the Irish — that has led to all Brits being known colloquially as “Rooineks” (red necks, from the sunburn) by the locals.

So he did, visiting a tanning salon every other day for a couple-three weeks before setting out.  And on his return, Mr. FM said that of all the advice he’d been given, that was the best.  And even after arriving in South Africa with what he thought was a deep tan, he went still several shades darker after a week in the bush.  Had he not had the tanning sessions, he admitted that he’d have been confined to the indoors after the first day’s hunting.  And that’s no way to go through a hunting trip, son.

So why am I talking about this?  Because I was reminded of the topic by this picture, seen in The Sun [sic] newspaper:

In Africa, the girl on the right would burn slightly after a couple hours outdoors;  but the pale one on the left would blister after maybe fifteen minutes.  Yes, it’s that bad.

Ultimate LDR News

Finally — finally! — I was able to get to the range yesterday, and I think the sighting-in is almost complete.  Good grief, it’s been so long (thank you, Chinkvirus), that I probably need to remind y’all what the heck I’m talking about (link):

Here’s the target, at 100 yards:

That was with El Cheapo (Prvi Partizan) ammo.  LOL on me, by the way:  in the five-shot group, the bottom three were the first fired;  then I adjusted the scope and fired off two (the top two that are almost touching) — only I adjusted the scope UP instead of DOWN because Idiot Kim.  Finally got it more or less right, although I’m peeved that none of the final three were touching.

Next week, I’ll try a couple different makes over two or more range sessions, see which one works best, and then hold the drawing next weekend.   Which means the Hawkeye should be on its way to its new owner around August 20.

Good luck to you all.