As stated earlier, I’ll be moving today, and you know how much stuff you need when you move in, right?  Then we have this situation:

Home Depot Co-Founder Bernie Marcus told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution in a recent interview that he plans to donate a part of his fortune, which has a net worth of $5.9 billion according to Forbes, to Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign. He said that although Trump “sucks” at communicating he should be given credit for boosting jobs in America and taking strong stances against China, Iran, and North Korea.
Following the article’s publication in late June, some shoppers at the home improvement supply giant expressed outrage over the 90-year-old’s decision and vowed to boycott the store. The hashtag #BoycottHomeDepot also started to emerge on social media.

But as author and political commentator Dan Bongino‏ notes:

“Liberal boycotts are a joke, just like liberals. The best thing for your business is a liberal boycott. Your sales will explode after lunatic libs announce their ‘boycott’. Just ask Chick-fil-A.”

So guess where I’ll be getting all my household hardware needs for the next week or two… and there’s a branch just a few blocks away.

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  1. In case you don’t know, both HD and Lowes offer a decent veteran’s discount. They’ll probably honor South African vets, too, since at the time y’all were our allies.

    Good luck on the move.

    1. Lowe’s recently amended their “Vet’s” discount (or so I was told when I asked for it on the purchase of an $1100.00 garage door:
      You will not get it on an online order, but must place the order at your local store in person (which in my case – and I brought this up and they didn’t really care – is 192-miles away!).
      So, not too happy with Lowe’s right now.
      BTW, the door fit fine and works flawlessly with its new Chamberlin belt-drive opener (which I did get the discount on, but placed the order 3-wks previously on-line).

      1. I got pretty much the same treatment last summer on the purchase of a new refrigerator. It seems they treat online sales like that unemployed brother-in-law that always shows up at dinnertime. After a no show after two-week wait for delivery, I had to chase one down in the store and the “Free Icemaker” was for online sales, not store purchases.

        Nevertheless, I went with Lowe’s for my very recent water heater purchase, simply because HD’s website listed all their water heaters in a chart with their specifications and I refused to wade through it to find one whose dimensions fit my space, while Lowe’s listed the size with each one.

  2. After our move from Kalifornia to DFW, I do not want to see another cardboard moving box. Ever.

    Our local Home Depot can be hit or miss for customer service. It is obvious that the management does not give a rip. I’ve learned who to search out for assistance. Mostly it’s the employee’s with grey hair, except for two females I refer to at the “witches”. One works lighting, the other works in paint. If no floor help can be found, my favorite tactic is to call the store. “Hi. I’m standing in your store. I need some help on aisle #–“.

  3. Liberal boycotts might not do much for Home Depot’s sales, but it’ll do wonders for “stock shrinkage”.

  4. I’ll second the motion on RHT447’s complaint: Home Depot (and a great many other retailers) have adopted the “departmental revenue staffing model” or whatever they call it, which they further debase by replacing full-time employees with a dearth of part-timers to keep hourly pay low and eliminate benefit expenses. Employee staffing level is determined by hourly departmental revenue, so the customer winds up with non-existent part-time employees who work random 4-hour shifts in random departments. There might be a single full-timer in a department, but good luck finding him or her, and because they’ve already done 45+ hours M-F that person probably won’t be there on weekends when the store is busiest and customers need expertise more (not to mention HD’s penchant for doing the “children building birdhouses” shit on Saturday mornings to be all community-friendly-and-huggy, etc. where 40 children accompanied by parents take over a third of the store with hammers, banging and crying to make sure everyone learns the intrinsic value of contraception the hard way).

    Lowe’s ain’t any better; with either store you’re on your own. As to websites, GFL; HD is running so many background java scripts it won’t display their weekly ads on my PC and I don’t trust the search results. Better than Lowe’s, though – every time I try to search their web site I get a “you are not authorized to access this server” message. (Last Black Friday I visited a local Lowe’s in an attempt to purchase a tool they had advertised both in print and on television; the store’s computer proclaimed over three dozen in stock, the location of which eluded two store personnel for the 30 minutes I observed them conduct a fruitless search-and-recovery expedition. It wound up costing $9 more, but Amazon put it on my porch 2 days later.)

    I can’t wait until our Retail Overlords at Amazon figure out how to ship 2X4s and plywood economically.

    As a side note, this level of customer hatred appears endemic throughout the retail industry; I strenuously avoid Walmart for the same reasons everyone does, but am occasionally dragged there when a friend succumbs to economic necessity. More than once I’ve called the toll free Customer Support function in Bentonville to get them to contact the store I’m standing in to send someone to that department with the necessary key so an ammunition purchase can be attempted. (One might think that repeated instances of this in a particular store would produce a change in management procedure; one would be wrong.).

    Incidentally, RHT, may I suggst a book? Eats, Shoots and Leaves by Lynne Truss. Ms. Truss is a Brit, so the book features British spelling and language, but the author reliably includes the American versions (ex: “American” commas vs the Oxford comma). She also devotes an entire chapter to apostrophe abuse which you may find enlightening.

  5. As others have said, customer service is mostly pitiful. Lowes tends to have a slightly better lay-out (or at least I have it memorized better) and Lowes tends to be cleaner. Home Depot in my area has no rhyme or reason to the aisles and is usually dirty and cluttered. That said, Home Depot has a better tool dept. And apparently Lowes now has the Craftsmen tool brand.

    For lumber, if I need anything more than a 2×4, I find it much better to go to a real lumber yard. Pro tip, McCoys will actually load it into your truck for you. Just drive back into the yard and hand them the receipt. Just need to get there before 5 pm.

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