Damn Good Question

I know that the Socialists in Congress have “shelved” their attempt to ban “weapons of war” i.e. ARs and AKs (for the moment), but this little exchange should prove interesting:

As Massie puts it (I paraphrase slightly):  “Who are the Department of Agriculture and Department of Education planning on going to war with, if their employees are to be excepted from this prohibition?”

Let us record the words of the late (and dearly-missed) H.L. Mencken, who stated:

“The only good bureaucrat is one with a pistol to his head.  Put it in his hand and it’s goodbye to the Bill of Rights.”

And quod erat demonstratum, today.


Peter Hitchens (the lesser of the two Hitchens brothers, but still better than 90% of his peers) writes a conclusion to this article:

There is no longer any point in pretending that they have not failed. And when institutions fail, the best thing to do is to replace them from top to bottom. That would be a truly special measure.

Most of what he writes is specific to the Britfuzz, of course, but certainly his sentiment and exasperation must also apply to… oh, let’s just start with the FBI, who were once a proud and effective crime-fighting organization, but who have allowed themselves over the past four or five decades to become so politicized as to be pretty much the secret police for the political elite.

Was I the only one who started oiling the rope when the Justice Department (don’t get me started on them) ordered the Fibbies to investigate and treat concerned parents as domestic terrorists?

Who pursue high-profile “wrongdoers” (step forward, Martha Stewart) but let real scumbags (Jeffrey Epstein, the Clintons, etc.) just skate away scot-free?

Or when that slimy little lizard James Comey, who after “investigating” Hillary Clinton’s private email account — which as a point of fact was completely illegal, given her position as SecState — declared to Congress that his conclusion was that her actions were not worthy of prosecution.

And I’m pretty sure that most thinking people in this country have their own example of egregious behavior (or rather misbehavior) on the part of the FBI, which alone should make a companion of Hitchens’s suggestion of complete abolition thereof a realistic, and reasonable demand.

Seriously:  how much worse off would we be without them than we are now?

Never Saw This One Coming

although I should have:

“The U.S. Military is actively considering shutting down the sale [of] M855/SS109 ammo from Lake City to the commercial market.”

Yeah, if you can’t ban the guns, strangle the ammo supply — the rationale behind National Ammo Day was never more appropriate than today.

You all know what to do.  Me, I’m going to lay in some more 7.62x39mm, because we AK guys are even more vulnerable.

Uniformed Thieves

It’s shit like this that makes the RCOB drop faster than a Kardashian’s panties:

According to one woman, the China Grove police improperly seized several firearms belonging to her and her husband almost four years ago, and despite the fact that no charges have ever been filed against the couple, they’ve been unable to get their property returned to them.

Read the whole thing to get the full flavor of the bureaucratic bastardy involved.  (Red Curtain Of Blood Alert.)

Here’s what I think.  Either those guns are part of the China Grove PD’s inventory, or they were just taken as personal property by one or more of the cops, or they were sold off at a gun show by the police and the proceeds pocketed.

At the very least, the couple involved should get full restitution for the guns, at today’s prices.  What I would like to see is the PD or its officers being charged with theft, with prison sentences very much in play.

When cops act like thieves and hide behind the badge, they should expect no mercy from the law that they allegedly swore to uphold.

Fed Forces Gather

Well, now:

The Department of Defense (DOD) said that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin approved the deployments of the guards, which had been requested by the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) and U.S. Capitol Police (USCP).

“The people who live, work and visit the District are part of our community, and their safety is our first mission priority,” Maj. Gen. Sherrie L. McCandless, D.C. National Guard commanding general, said in a statement to news outlets.

Sure sound nervous about a bunch of truckers, don’t they?  Oh wait:

“Our MPD and USCP partners have asked for our help in ensuring people can demonstrate peacefully and safely, and we stand ready to assist.”

Oh, so they’re going to guarantee the safety of the protesting truckers, are they?  Against whom, precisely?  BLM?  Zombies?  Militant vegans?

Fucking lying bastards.

And since when was the National Guard a “partner” to law enforcement?  (I know, since forever, never mind that pesky Posse Comitatus  thing.)

Anyway, here’s the tally:

The approval will enable around 400 D.C. National Guard members to “provide support at designated traffic posts, provide command and control, and cover sustainment requirements.”

“Sustainment”?  Getting food and such to the protesters?

Guards deployed to the area will not be armed and will not help with law enforcement or carry out domestic surveillance activities.

Pull the other one.  Fool me once, etc.

Austin also approved USCP’s request for assistance for up to 300 National Guard troops from outside the Washington area to help at certain traffic posts and Capitol entry points, Breitbart reports. That will begin later than 7 a.m., on Saturday, February 26, according to Breitbart, who note that 50 large tactical vehicles will also be placed at designated traffic posts on a 24-hour basis in the area.

“50 large tactical vehicles”, eh?  And their purpose is… what, exactly?  How about this:

Police around DC area have told the [National] Guard that the trucker convoy intends to shut down the [DC] Beltway and major roads leading in and out of DC. The Guard is scrambling to secure heavy tow trucks to haul away semis which may try to block roads.

My question (and it’s a serious one):  Are the feds trying to provoke a confrontation?

The evidence seems to support that they are.