Not Guilty

So the MAGA-inspired attack on that actor turns out to have been staged, for whatever (I don’t care which) reason.  Predictably, when the thing was first publicized, the fucking Lefty media were all over it — right up until it was proven false.  Then we got shit like the following, with the inevitable (and splendid) rejoinder:

Has anyone else noticed that every time one of us MAGA people has been accused of a hate crime, it turns out that the entire episode was either a put-up job (as above), a complete fabrication (e.g. “slashed hijab”), or self-inflicted with no witnesses (e.g. “hateful graffiti”)?

One would almost think that the Left was playing the whole thing to advance their various agenda… Reichstag  fire, anyone?

Aw, Diddums

OMG it must be so difficult to be a vegan these days

British vegans claim they have been mocked, derided and snubbed by waiters because of their lifestyle choices.
MailOnline spoke to three women about their experiences of adopting a plant-based lifestyle and all three said they had encountered problems when dining out – from milk in their coffee to salad containing eggs.
It comes after a study found that well over half of vegans (61 per cent) have faced difficulties and been ‘snubbed’ by waiters when eating out at restaurants because of their choice of diet.
A further 41 per cent claimed that waiters have accidentally served them food excluded from their diet, with a third (35 per cent) said they struggle to find the right foods when eating out.

Listen to this tale of horror:

‘On another occasion when ordering a vegan salad from the menu – I was brought the wrong food – a salad with anchovies and egg on it. When I pointed out that this isn’t my order, in response I got: “No, this is vegetarian, just what you asked for!” I then embarked on a long conversation explaining the difference.’

I can just imagine the tone of the “long conversation”.  And by the way, a “study” of a sample of a splinter section of society isn’t going to yield credible data, so take your 41% and 61% and eat it — provided the numbers are plant-based, of course.

Let’s see if I’ve got this right:  you assume behavior that sets you apart from the mainstream of society, then try to make everyone change to fit your freakish choice.  Ergo:

Oy.  Nothing like an evangelist, eh?

Veganism is not a lifestyle choice, it’s a religion.  And I’m an atheist.  The same, by the way, goes for bullshit eating restrictions like halaal and kosher.

All this talk of food has done the usual to me.  Time for brekkie.

And I apologize for the “vegetable” part of the meal, but it was  cooked in beef fat.

Ummm Okay

From Racist-In-Chief Louis Farrakhan:

“But God has something else for us! Let me tell you what’s gonna happen. Yes, I’m after a separate state. A separate nation. In the ’60s, what was our cry, Rock? We weren’t saying we want to integrate, we were saying ‘It’s nation time!’ Black Power to do what? To integrate a lunch counter? Black Power to build a nation for 40 million — now near 50 million — Black people.”

Errrr Yer Reverendness… Black people already have their own nation.  It’s called “Africa.”  Here are some suggestions for you and the Nation of Islam:
Somalia (100% Muslim), Sudan (97% Muslim), Senegal (96% Muslim). Mali (95% Muslim), Burkina Faso (~60% Muslim), Chad (~60% Muslim), Djibouti (97% Muslim), Gambia (95% Muslim), Guinea (89% Muslim), Niger (98% Muslim), Sierra Leone (~90% Muslim).
Assuming that non-Muslim Black people who want their own country don’t want to live where your Muslim buddies can fuck them over, they can have their pick of the rest of sub-Saharan Africa, e.g. Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Angola and Mozambique.

And no, you don’t get to turn some large part of the U.S. into some kind mega-Detroit.  You can feel free to leave anytime you want, asshole, but I bet that ordinary Black people don’t want any part of that segregationist bullshit.

Too Many Words, Mozart

My dear friend Sarah spends way too much time, devotes way too much empathy and writes far too many words talking about 0.0005% of the population.

There is a similarly-sized percentage of the population who consider voluntary amputation of limbs as a worthwhile life choice, but (so far) this bunch of sad people hasn’t been elevated by progressives and their media lickspittles to a topic for national debate and enforced social accommodation.

Me, I’m sick of hearing about how “transitioning” people get offended when people either don’t recognize their “status” or (like me) refuse to give them the recognition and “caring” that they demand by, for example, using nonsensical pronouns (xir? xey? xooey?  they sound like 50s comic book sound effects) in describing or addressing them.

As far as I’m concerned, this whole “trans” bunch may be a group worthy of sympathy/empathy, or alternatively a collection of pathetic, dysfunctional people;  but  either way, as a percentage of the populace they fall so far down the bell curve numerically that there’s no point in talking or even thinking about them.  We have better things to do with our time.

And I too have spent way too much time on this particular topic, so now it’s back to guns.


You’d have to have a heart of stone not to laugh hysterically (as I did) at this report:

Footage released by the hunt saboteurs shows several people standing in front of a van, blocking it from leaving.
A man wearing a baseball cap appears to threaten the occupants with a pool cue, as they shout: ‘Oi, you’re on camera.’
A woman in a red hoodie jabs her finger at the sabs and says: ‘Dirty f****** scum, you’re not going nowhere.’
A man inside the van can be heard desperately calling police for help and tells the operator they are being boxed in by hunt supporters wielding pool cues.

Lemme see: when hunt saboteurs (“sabs” — how cute) break the law, trespass on private property, try to pull hunters from their horses and scatter pepper in the noses of the dogs, it’s all “right to protest” / “save the animals” etc.  But when their violence results in violence against them in retaliation, they’re all “Oh please, P.C. Plod, please please please  come and rescue us!”

The woman in the red hoodie had it right:  they’re dirty fucking scum.