1. Democrats have become so obstinate against any opposition to their agenda, which was always their MO going back many decades, that there is no dealing with them in any intellectually honest way, save for totally ignoring them. But that doesn’t really work either, it merely emboldens them. So, what option does that leave? You know the answer to that, as distasteful as it is.

    Let’s face it, their roots are socialist/communist, and their roots are showing to anyone with a smidgen of intelligence. Never forget, the entire party is an enemy of (what’s left of) traditional America.

    I recently read an op-ed piece that talks about this; it’s worth a look:

  2. Never forget, regardless of their age, they are unsupervised lying children that were not raised properly.

    Not to be taken seriously.

    Individually, you treat them as you would any other child that becomes bothersome, you throttle them in what ever way you deem appropriate.

    A problem arises when the media gives them teeth.
    Another problem occurs when the gov’t gives them power.
    Specifically, when the gov’t does not enforce existing laws and provides stolen money.

    Unfortunately the whiney american communists (amcoms) are a symptom of the larger picture – the gov’t employees know it’s going down so everyone is looting as much as they can. Frankly, I am surprised it is still functioning at all. But what cannot continue will not continue and will eventually fail. Plan accordingly.

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