Wave That Flag

If this story doesn’t put a grin on your face, we can’t be friends.

Seems like this high-school kid named Cameron Blasek flew a U.S. flag from a pole attached to his truck… whereupon some asshole official from his school told him to take it down.

And he refused.  And then a dozen of his buddies also started flying Old Glory from their trucks.

Smiling yet?

Well, the fucking Commie school officials backed down, but not before this happened:

A graphic design company in Cincinnati reached out to Blasek after the viral story and offered to do the kid a favor and wrap his truck for free. And the design…

That’s it, boys:  rub their fucking Commie noses in it.

Here’s the whole story.


  1. “And he refused. And then a dozen of his buddies also started flying Old Glory from their trucks.”

    Unfortunately as adults we lose this solidarity with our buds.

    This is the solution to all the tyranny that’s happening today.

    We need to learn from these kids and then apply it with the same resolve.

  2. Now do Home Owner’s Associations.

    Gunnuts is absolutely right. we need to unify with other like minded folks and push back against these petty tyrants. Back in the olden days we’d bring these tyrants to a tar and feather party where they were the guest of honor.

  3. Oh this story put a big ‘ol grin on my face, Kim. Came damn close to swallowing my ears.

    As for tar and feathering, we have to come up with a modern version, now that pine tar is too expensive and you need to know someone with a lot of chickens to provide the feathers. I think we could substitute shredded paper for the feathers (For politicians, shredded bills they’ve passed and campaign lit.) But I’m at a loss to figure out what would stick it to them as well as tar. Any suggestions?

    1. Gorilla Glue could work. I think some woman mixed it up with hair gel and got an alarming surprise.

      The advantage to using tar is that tar is heated up so you cause some burning damage to the skin that gets worse as the feathers are removed from the burned skin.

      Lots of adhesives could replace the tar. Check out Joanne’s fabrics for fiber fill and such. I think they’re facing bankruptcy so the crafty stuff might be on sale

  4. Its a great story. I wonder how long it will take some leftist fuckwit (redundancy alert) to vandalize it.

    Saw a video of an older gentleman with a restored ’69 Dodge Charger, painted in the “General Lee” livery at an outdoor car show. Surrounded by shitty leftist kids (more redundancy) shrieking and literally threatening him, because of the Stars-n-Bars on the top.

    The guy was just standing there thinking, ” I just came to do a car show”. Too bad he didn’t have a flame thrower.

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