Au Revoir, Paddy

I’ve spoken before of my distaste for “holidays” which simply serve as a catalyst for “social drinking”, not the least because like New Year’s Eve, they put a whole bunch of amateur drinkers out on the streets and behind the wheel of a car.

Most egregious of these is St. Patrick’s Day:  a time when, as the marketing goes, everyone turns Irish and drinks Guinness, Bushmills and Tullamore Dew.

Except me.  This would be like commemorating “St. Boromir Day” when I wear a Cossack hat and drink chilled neat vodka till I fall over.  What a farce.

Still, let me not be a killjoy.  There are always the costumes:

Makes you proud to be “Irish”, dunnit?


  1. meh, people having a good time. I don’t know why people have to come up with ways to celebrate or have a good time. No one is shooting at you and you’re alive, isn’t that enough of a reason to celebrate?

    BTW we don’t need to see some dudes in banana hammocks. On the other hand, more women dressed attractively would be nice.

  2. The middle bimbo in the last photo looks kinda like Chelsea Clinton. Did Hubbard and the witch have a second child that we didn’t know about?

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