Bad Behavior

Back when I was still on the dating scene (shortly after someone discovered fire), I was thankfully spared the prospect of my date behaving badly by being glued to her cell phone during the meal.   (Back then, I didn’t even have a landline phone because the phone company — in South Africa, the Post Office — had a three-month backlog on new home phone installations.)

However, that was then and this is now.  Here’s what one guy did when faced with such a situation:

A man has caused a debate after admitting to walking out on a date without paying his portion of an $80 bill because his potential love interest was ‘constantly on her phone’. The man, who is from a major US city, revealed he met up with the woman after matching on a dating app. The pair hit it off and decided to meet in person.

The man was quick to brand the woman as a ‘vapid moral monstrosity’ who had the ‘attention span of a gnat’, after she spent a whole five minutes ferociously texting as they waited for their food.

When they finally began to chat she was quick to, yet again, start answering her ‘buzzing’ phone . The man attempted to make a few hints to his date about her antisocial behavior by joking and even saying he would throw the phone out of the window if it continued. However, his incessant hints fell on deaf ears as her eyes continued to be glued to her phone screen.

An appetizer and two drinks later, the man realized he was miserable and there was no possible way to turn this date around. He headed to the toilet, promising himself that if her eyes were still locked on her phone screen, then he would be making a swift exit out of the door.

When he came out to find her eyes fixed fixed on the screen, he validated that promise by quickly leaving. He detailed: “I looked the other way and there was a service door open behind the kitchen. I turned right instead of left and exited into the sweet, sweet air of freedom.”

And here’s the kicker:

It was only 30 minutes after he had left that the date even realized his absence, texting him: “Did you leave?”

Good for him.  I’m even glad that she got stuck with the tab, because having such appalling manners deserves to be punished.

I don’t even know why there would be a “debate” on the topic.


  1. “…revealed he met up with the woman after matching on a dating app.”
    Dating app.
    That’s on a “phone”, right?
    How did he NOT see this coming?

    Anyway, I would have ordered the surf n turf, Porterhouse with Whole Lobster, and all the trimmings with at least 4 expensive drinks, THEN I would have left.

    I like to get HER money’s worth. LOL

    BTW, for some reason I am not seeing the cursor on this screen, can’t tell where I started typing and where I stopped. Anyone else experiencing this?

    And, there is still a HUGE time lag when I hit the Post Comment button, at least several minutes. Been going on for months.

  2. I spend too much time staring at screens. It’s a bad habit that I’d like to kick. I used to use the smart phone as a resource to look up information. Now I use it just as much or more for entertainment.

    I have guns that need to be shot and books that need to be read.


  3. Bravo! Reject modernity.

    She wasn’t interested in him, she was in that 6.x iPhone screen (seeing its the SOP model for most females). I see this rampant in my wife and daughter – affixed to the hand, never out of sight, always up to face level reading, thumb-typing or ‘finger-dancing’ (moving it about the keyboard typing – it doesn’t work for me…). My wife has it out of her sight for more than 10sec, and the panic attack is epic. Almost as strong when her iPad battery has been drained.

    No need for drug abuse – they all are junkies, hooked on constant access, texting, messaging, and phone calls.

  4. In my home mobile phones (those owned by my wife and two daughters) come no further than the entrance hallway. The phones go on the side table and are switched off. I have a mobile phone and the same rules apply. I’m not bothered by this rule at all. My phone is for ME to call other people when I’m not near a landline. Want to call me? Call my landline, otherwise, don’t bother. BTW, my girls are not bothered by the rules at all.
    Our family life is all the better for this, let me tell you!

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